Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2129 - Hong Luan? (4)

Chapter 2129: Hong Luan? (4)

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"Shui'er!" Cheng Wuyan furiously shouted. "Do you know you nearly died just now?"

Yun Ruoshui's large eyes innocently blinked. "I knew Brother Wuyan would definitely appear and save me! Shui'er believes in you."

"You…" Cheng Wuyan was angered to the point of not knowing what else to say. When he looked at the innocent and naive little girl before him, he could not utter any reproaching words.

"Yun Ruoshui, was I indebted to you in our past life? Will you be dissatisfied until you scare me to death?"

Cheng Wuyan was gritting his teeth. He truly owed this girl something in this lifetime…

"Brother Wuyan." Yun Ruoshui's arms latched around Cheng Wuyan's neck, a brilliant smile blooming on her pure face. "You are right. You were indebted to me in your last life, which is why Shui'er wants to bother you!"

Although the girl was not fully developed yet, her tiny body already had a faint fragrance.

As the girl neared, her fragrance also wafted into his nose and caused his mind to explode with a boom. A blush dashed across his face, and he hurriedly coughed to cover his embarrassment.

"Go back first. I brought people here to take care of this." Cheng Wuyan pursed his lips and spoke to the sky, "Long Yan, I shall trouble you with these people."


A dragon's roar reverberated in the air, and Long Yan's enormous body appeared in the air soon after.

That's right. The expert who came from the Ancestral Dragon Tribe this time was evidently the second-ranked dragon in the tribe, Long Yan. He was also the dragon who had a dispute with Yun Luofeng back then.

Before Yun Luofeng left the Spirit God Continent, she told Cheng Wuyan that he could go to the Dragon Tribe and seek help if he needed to. When Cheng Wuyan heard that the Spirit God Continent was besieging the Seven Province Continent, he immediately visited the Ancestral Dragon Tribe. The tribe took this matter seriously, so the tribe leader sent Long Yan here!

Under Long Yan's attack, the experts of the Spirit God Continent were utterly defeated and fell on the road in front of the city gate. Their numerous corpses piled into a hill, and blood dyed the sky red.

"Brother Wuyan, I want to go find Dad and Mom!" Yun Ruoshui climbed onto Cheng Wuyan, worry in her large eyes. "These people from the Spirit God Continent initiated the attack several months ago. Dad and Mom also personally went to stop them. Several months have passed now, Shui'er is very worried about them…."

"Where's your dad and mom?"

Hearing this, Yun Ruoshui turned to look at Jun Xuan. "Uncle Jun Xuan, can you tell Shui'er where her dad and mom are now?"

Jun Xuan glanced at Cheng Wuyan before turning back to the giant dragon spiraling in the sky. He nodded. "They are at the East Gate."

Besides the North District, the outcome of the other city gates was also decided.

In the East District, Jun Fengling and Ye Jingchen returned and broke through to monarch-god level with the help of the dragon saliva fruit, as Yun Luofeng anticipated. As a result, the monarch-gods from the Spirit God Continent were quickly defeated.

In the West District, Hong Luan was present. These people had no possibility of escaping from Hong Luan's bloodbath, so they were swiftly laid in pools of blood.

As for the South District… the attackers were not very strong, and Nangong Yunyi had killed the strongest people when he appeared, so the Saintly Virgin Tribe handled the remaining people without any problem.

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