Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2128 - Hong Luan? (3)

Chapter 2128: Hong Luan? (3)

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Inside the city, the streets were deadly silent.

Yun Ruoshui vigilantly looked around her and seeing the no one saw her, she carefully crept toward the city gates.

"Right, which city gate did Dad and Mom go to guard?" Yun Ruoshui lightly knocked on her own head. What an awful memory, she actually forgot which city gate her parents were guarding.

"Forget it, I will randomly pick a city gate and take a look. If it's not Dad and Mom, I will leave then."

Yun Ruoshui beamed, but when she recalled how this battle had lasted for several months again, her heart filled with worry again.

"Dad, Mom, I hope you won't reproach Shui'er. Shui'er has obediently waited for you for several months already. Although Grandfather keeps saying you absolutely won't be in any danger, Shui'er… just can't help but worry!" Yun Ruoshui bit her lips, tears filling her eyes. "However, don't worry. Shui'er will just secretly take a look at you and will leave after seeing that you are safe. I won't burden you."

Thinking to this point, Yun Ruoshui headed for the street in front of her. The direction she was going was clearly the North Gate.

The one defending the North Gate was the Family Head of the Jun Family, Jun Xuan. He was under great strain fighting the enemies when he suddenly discovered Yun Ruoshui sneaking over from the city. His heart skipped a beat from the fright.

When Yun Ruoshui saw that the ones defending the North Gate were not her parents, disappointment flashed through her eyes. She asked with a pout. "Uncle Jun Xuan, do you know where my parents are? Shui'er hasn't seen them for several months already. Shui'er is very worried about them."

In the beginning, Yun Ruoshui did do as her parents instructed and obediently waited at the Jun Estate. But she was still a child, after all, so how could she not worry about her parents fighting for months?

So, she sneaked out while everyone was not paying attention.

Of course, she would certainly be punished when she returned, but so what? As long as she could ascertain her parents' safety, she would willingly accept the punishment even if it was a beating.

"Shui'er, hurry and leave!" Jun Xuan hurriedly shouted. "This isn't somewhere you should stay! You especially can't go to your parents' spot."

"Uncle Jun Xuan, tell me where my dad and mom are. Being able to get a glimpse of them from afar would be enough." Yun Ruoshui had a pitiful glint in her eyes as she looked at Jun Xuan while biting her lips.

Jun Xuan was about to say something when he saw a nearby elderly man casually fling out an arc of light. The light directly shot toward Yun Ruoshui.

Yun Ruoshui was young still and thought that she would be safe while covertly hiding behind the city gate. She had no idea that this type of battle between experts ignored distance.

When Lin Ruoshui saw the arc of sword light suddenly aiming for her, she blinked and could not react momentarily, even forgetting to dodge. It wasn't until she was pulled into a warm embrace that she dazedly regained her senses.

The youth tightly held her and turned their bodies to the side to dodge the attack. His back was drenched with sweat, and fear pervaded his heart. He did not dare to imagine, if he was even a second later, would he be unable to see this little girl again?

"Brother Wuyan, you're back?" Yun Ruoshui joyfully looked at the youth behind him. She appeared to be a bit naturally bubbleheaded and had immediately tossed the serious danger that just happened to the back of her mind.


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