Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2127 - Hong Luan? (2)

Chapter 2127: Hong Luan? (2)

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Hong Ling thought that he had a vision of Hong Luan because his death was near, and his daughter had come to pick him up. But when the enemy's attack was about to reach him, the woman suddenly acted and sent the attacker flying back into the crowd with a casual kick.

Hong Ling was stunned. Jun Fengling was stupefied!

The other people also stopped what they were doing and looked at the gorgeous woman in a long, red robe with astonishment.

"Luan… Luan'er…" Hong Ling intently stared at the woman.

Luan'er was already dead, and her corpse was in Yun Luofeng's possession, so how could she appear here?

This must be a delusion still! It must be!

Although Hong Ling was thinking that in his mind, his body started uncontrollably trembling and he extended his hand, wanting to touch Hong Luan's face.

Hong Luan snatched Hong Ling's rough hand and placed it on her face. The feeling of warmth caused Hong Ling's fingers to freeze.

"I can touch it, I can feel its warmth. This… this isn't an illusion! It's really Luan'er!"

That moment, Hong Ling could not restrain his emotions from erupting and spread open his arms, tightly squeezing Hong Luan in his arms. He sobbed, "You're back, you're finally back…"

No one knew how he managed to survive after his daughter died. If he was unable to let go of East Province, he would have followed her long ago.

"Dad, I'm back," Hong Luan gently responded with a smile, allowing Hong Ling to tightly hug her however he wished.

Jun Lingtian blinked in disbelief, his astonished gaze focused on Hong Luan's magnificent face.

"Miss Hong Luan, what's… what's going on?"

"I'll explain it after I take care of these people!" Hong Luan raised her eyebrows as she turned to look at the group of experts. "If I guessed correctly, you are also people from the Spirit God Continent! First, you killed me, and now you want to invade the Seven Province Continent! This time, I will make you perish here!"

Besides the East District and the West District, the South and North District were also facing danger.

The Spirit God Continent had too many experts, and there was an endless stream of them, with even a few monarch-gods being sent. This caused everyone to be more fatigued than they wished.

When the South District was on the brink of falling, Nangong Yunyi suddenly appeared. Like a god from heaven, he descended from the sky and rescued the nearly fallen South District.

Huang Yingying was leading other people to guard the South District. When she saw Nangong Yunyi appearing out of thin air, her eyes were filled with shock. It had only been a little over a year, how did Nangong Yunyi's strength change so dramatically?

"Young Master Nangong, you…" Huang Yingying wanted to say something but found herself at a loss of words.

Huang Yingying was grateful toward Nangong Yunyi because if it were not for his advice, she would be unable to avenge her parents nor would she have become Yun Luofeng's subordinate.

"How are the other city gates doing?" Nangong Yunyi's voice was indifferent, just like his expression. The previously frivolous youth had unknowingly become a leader of his own right at some point in time.

"I am not sure…"

Nangong Yunyi thought for a moment. "Continue guarding here. I will take a look at the other places."

After saying this, Nangong Yunyi's fleeting figure had already disappeared…


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