Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2126 - Hong Luan? (1)

Chapter 2126: Hong Luan? (1)

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"Alright." Out of trust for the Yun Family, Jun Fengling did not inquire further and ate the dragon saliva fruit in one bite, freshness and sweetness filling her mouth.

At the same time, a storm suddenly spiraled above her head. Heavenly lightning also started not long later, shooting down in bolts.

Back when Yun Qingya and the others broke through, they had the help of Yun Yi, which allowed them to effortlessly get through the tribulation lightning. However, Yun Yi was not inside Jun City currently, so Jun Fengling and Ye Jingchen could only rely on their own strength to resist the tribulation lightning in the sky.

The tribulation lightning lasted a long time above the Jun City, astonishing all the residents inside Jun City. However, they continued to hide inside their rooms and did not dare to come out, afraid they would be pulled into this battle.

Grandfather Jun and Hong Ling were persistently holding on outside of the West District. These past few months of battle had caused them to be on the last of their strength. If they didn't take care of these people soon, the West District's defense would break.

"Grandfather, do you still have the spiritual herbs left behind by Miss Yun?" Hong Ling asked with a pale face as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"I used them all yesterday!" Jun Fengling wryly chuckled. "East Province Governor, I previously had you come to Jun City to protect you. I didn't expect to need you to help me resist these external enemies in the end."

Hong Ling had a blasé smile. "I once obtained a dragon saliva fruit from Miss Yun, so I naturally can't sit by and do nothing!"

Moreover, his daughter was dead already, so this world did not hold much attraction for him anymore. If he could die on the battlefield, wouldn't it be a relief for him?

Hong Ling closed his eyes to the torrential rush of experts. Sometime later, he opened his eyes and Hong Luan's unrivaled magnificent figure seemed to appear in the azure sky…

However, the figure quickly approached, as though it could appear in front of him in the blink of an eye. It looked so real too…

Hong Ling roughly rubbed his eyes before forcibly opened them again. He realized the red figure was nearly in front of him. That stunning figure caused a wry smile to turn up on his lips.

"It looks like I really miss Luan'er too much. I could actually see an illusion. I wonder when Luan'er will come to pick me up."

Grandfather Jun also saw the seductive figure in red. He also harshly rubbed his eyes, which were full of shock.

"If you are seeing a vision because you miss Hong Luan too much, then what am I? Too guilty?"

Besides the vision, the girl's light voice lowly murmured next to Hong Ling's ears as well, "Dad, I'm back…"

Dad, I'm back.

Hong Ling opened his mouth, a tear sliding down his face, and his lips turned up with a bitter smile.

"If this is a dream, then I wish to never wake up from it."

Then, his daughter would always stay by his side and never leave!


The experts from the Spirit God Continent launched their attacks and rapidly reached the front of Hong Ling.

Hong Ling intently stared at the dream-like figure in front of him and did not regain his senses.

Jun Lingtian caught sight of Hong Ling in danger and grew pale with fright. "East Province Governor, careful!"

However… it was too late.

Seeing the attack a breadth away from his eyes, he smiled. This smile was accompanied by tears and incredibly miserable.

"Luan'er, Dad was able to catch a glimpse of you before dying, I'm glad…"

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