Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2125 - Returning to the Continent (2)

Chapter 2125: Returning to the Continent (2)

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Seven Province Continent:

In the sky outside of Jun City, Yun Qingya stood in front of the group of experts with a cold and austere aura which painted his face in a harsher light compared to his usual indifference.

Bai Ling stood in front of Yun Qingya. "Second Brother, we have continued this battle for several months already. We can't go on like this! We must take care of the enemies as soon as possible."

This battle had lasted for several months already, but a number of experts from the Spirit God Continent joined the fight in the Seven Province Continent. Even she was feeling fatigued.

Yun Qingya's eyes chilled as he looked at the city gate he guarded behind him.

"We must hold on no matter what!" Yun Qingya's voice was very cool, but his eyes gentler when he looked at Ning Xin. "Xin'er, are you afraid?"

Ning Xin resolutely shook her head. "Since the moment I first chased after you, I have already disregarded death. Having your company in my life is more than enough."

As long as he was with her, she had no resentment or regret even if she died.

"Alright." Yun Qingya retracted his gaze and faced the enemies again. His cold and austere aura spread out with his every step.

The man stood in the air, his ink-black hair flying behind him. His handsome face was devoid of expression as he coldly watched the enemies in front of him.

"My words still hold true. If you want to enter Jun City, you must step over my corpse!"

When the opposing experts heart his voice, they burst out laughing before immediately charging toward Yun Qingya at rapid speed.

Does he want to stop us all by himself? It is a fool's wish!

Bai Ling and Ning Xin stood on both sides of Yun Qingya. Everyone had accepted their imminent death. However, at that moment, a familiar voice suddenly rang in the air and drifted to Yun Qingya's ears.

The shocked speaker asked, "Feng'er's Second Uncle, what happened here? Where's my dad and the others?"

Two figures slowly appeared in the air. One of them was a beautiful woman in red, looking valiant and formidable, whereas the man next to her looked gentle and made people feel like they were being cleansed by spring air.

"You've returned?" A light shot out of Yun Qingya's cool eyes when he saw them.

He had been looking for Jun Fengling and Ye Jingchen ever since Yun Luofeng left but was unable to find their whereabouts. He did not expect them to suddenly appear now…

"Second Brother, these two are…" Bai Ling curiously asked as she looked at the pair descending from the sky.

"Eldest Sister-in-Law, they are Xiao'er's parents." Yun Qingya's heart settled. "You came just in time. Feng'er left me with two dragon saliva fruits, which were prepared for you. After you consume it, you can help me fight the enemies."

Eldest Sister-in-Law?

Jun Fengling's eyebrow rose when she noticed Yun Qingya's address for Bai Ling. Upon seeing how her face resembled Yun Luofeng's, astonishment flowed out of her eyes.

Wasn't Feng'er's mother deceased? How could she appear here?

Of course, Jun Fengling also understood that now wasn't the time for questions. She turned and looked to Yun Qingya. "What is the dragon saliva fruit that you speak of?"

"There isn't much time. I can't explain it to you in time." Yun Qingya handed the dragon saliva fruits to them. "These are the dragon saliva fruits left behind by Feng'er. I will explain everything after the battle finishes."


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