Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2124 - Returning to the Continent (1)

Chapter 2124: Returning to the Continent (1)

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"Younger Brother!" Yun Chutian scurried toward Yun Luofeng with her short little legs. Her large eyes blinked as she watched the tiny baby in Yun Luofeng's arms with a magnificent smile on her face.

"Mother, Tian'er likes Younger Brother."

"Yes." Yun Luofeng's eyes glittered. Noticing Yun Chutian's gaze, she asked, "Then how about I betroth your brother to you, and you can be his child bride? Is that good?"

"What's a child bride?" Yun Chutian innocently asked while curiously looking at Yun Luofeng.

"A child bride is like your father and I. You can't be separated for the rest of your life and are the most important person in each other's life." Yun Luofeng smiled maliciously.

Cang Ji schemed against her already. Then she… would also scheme his whole life away!

"Yes!" Yun Chutian gleefully exclaimed while clapping. "Tian'er will be Younger Brother's child bride and will also become… the second most important person in Younger Brother's life."

"Second? What about the first?"

"The first is Mother."

Yun Chutian leaned into Yun Luofeng's arms, her smile innocent and brilliant. "While Younger Brother was in Mother's belly, he told Tian'er that Mother was his most important person and had Tian'er protect Mother. He also said that if Tian'er can do that, he will let Tian'er be one of his women. Mother, what does Younger Brother mean by that?"

Yun Luofeng was originally moved when she heard the first part and was wondering whether she went too far. But Yun Chutian's next part caused her face to darken.

"Remember, you mustn't allow your younger brother to hit on innocent girls in the future! If he tries to ruin innocent girls, mercilessly beat him up for me!"

Yun Chutian blinked her eyes, half in understanding. She was not sure what Mother's words meant, but she did understand that everything spoken by Mother was always right.

"Yun Xiao, the nine-winged celestial dragon has been imprisoned, so let's leave now," Yun Luofeng said as she stood up with some difficulty, a baby in one arm and the other hand holding Yun Chutian.

Typically, newborn babies were all wrinkly, but the little guy in her arm was fair and very adorable. Yun Luofeng could not resist poking his cheeks, her fingertips bouncing right off.

The little guy had not opened his eyes, but he could feel Yun Luofeng's fingers. His short little arms wildly danced in the air, wanting to grasp the finger that just touched him.

"You just gave birth and need to rest." Yun Xiao frowned, his eyes worried.

"It's nothing," Yun Luofeng coolly answered and shook her head.

"No!" Yun Xiao took the little guy from Yun Luofeng's arms and firmly stated, "I heard that women can't leave the bed for a month after giving birth. So we will return to God's Code Space first and leave after a month."

Yun Xiao could go along with Yun Luofeng for everything else, but he could be stubborn as well.

For the sake of Yun Luofeng's health, he absolutely would not permit her to be exhausted from constant travel at a time like this.

"Feng'er, if your body is the slightest bit harmed, then I won't forgive myself for the rest of my life."

Yun Luofeng glanced at Yun Xiao. "I'm a physician."

"Also no!" Yun Xiao was very insistent.

It was rare for Yun Luofeng to see such a resolute Yun Xiao, so she helplessly shrugged. "Fine. We will leave in a month. Is that good?"

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