Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2120 - The Continent’s Battle (2)

Chapter 2120: The Continent's Battle (2)

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"I investigated the situation just now. Those people are divided into several routes. There are a few monarch-gods mixed into the group heading for the East District. Besides this group, there are also experts attacking West District, South District, and North District. You must send people to guard those points and leave some people in the city to protect the residents," Yun Qingya coolly directed.

Grandfather Jun clenched his teeth before saying, "Okay, then we will do as you say! Leave the other three districts to me. You must stop those monarch-gods! Otherwise, disaster will befall the Spirit Province as well!"

Yun Qingya looked at the people behind him before walking toward the entryway.

"Brother Yun, I will come with you!" Ning Xin swiftly walked up, her face determined.

Yun Qingya pondered for a moment. Ever since Ning Xin consumed the dragon saliva fruit, her strength had raised a lot, so he lightly nodded in agreement.

"Alright, we will go together."

Ning Xin smiled, her smile as beautiful as blooming green lotus.

As long as she could be with her beloved man, what harm was there in dying? She would never be fearful.

"Daddy, Mommy," Yun Ruoshui's eyes were red, and she wanted to pull on Ning Xin's hand. She looked at her mother, aggrieved. "Shui'er also wants to come with you."

Ning Xin's expression gentled and she tenderly patted Lin Ruoshui's head before warming saying, "Shui'er, behave well and stay inside the city. Dad and Mom will come back soon."

Lin Ruoshui's heart contracted. How could she not know about the danger they were facing this time? Hence, her large eyes were brimming with worry. "You will really come back?"

"We definitely will." Ning Xin lifted her hand and rubbed Lin Ruoshui's head before standing up and looking at Yun Qingya. "Let's depart."

"Okay." Yun Qingya smiled. Before he left, his affectionate gaze landed on his daughter's young face. "Shui'er, Dad guarantees that we will safely return. The aforementioned is that you will obediently listen to what your grandfather says, alright?"

Yun Ruoshui resolutely nodded. "Shui'er will be very well-behaved, so you mustn't lie to Shui'er. Otherwise, Shui'er won't forgive you for the rest of her life."

The determination on Yun Ruoshui's face caused pain to shoot through Ning Xin's heart, but in the end, she forced herself to harden her heart and leave.

After the two people left, Lin Ruoshui could not hold her tears back anymore, and tears flooded her face. "Daddy, Mommy, Shui'er will wait for your return…"

There was a somber atmosphere outside the city gate.

Yun Qingya watched the experts descending from the sky before looking at the man who he fought with last time. "Nothing but a loser, yet you dare to come again?"

"Last time, I underestimated my opponent. This time, it's your day to die!" The long-robed man's face was dark and his voice was filled with intense killing intent.

"So what if you found some helpers?" Yun Qingya took two steps up and before standing with his legs a few feet apart, blocking the city gate like an enormous mountain. "I, Yun Qingya, descended from the Yun Family, a military aristocratic family! Today, as long as I am still here, then I won't permit you to hurt other innocent people!"

He was descended from a military aristocratic family, so he naturally had a prideful character. He would die before retreating. He had no qualms about giving up his life to protect the city gate behind him.

"Hahaha!" The long-robed man laughed in ridicule. "Then I would like to see what you will use to stop me! And what you will use to protect the people behind you?!"

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