Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2117 - Picked Up A Little Loli (4)

Chapter 2117: Picked Up A Little Loli (4)

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At the same time, the Jun Estate in the distant Spirit Continent was packed with people.

Jun Lingtian guffawed when he saw Hong Ling being escorted by the members of the Jun Family. "Governor Hong Ling, treat the Jun Estate as your own home from now on. Don't be polite! With the protection of our Jun Family, you will absolutely be safe and sound!"

Hong Ling was sighing sentimentally. He never would have expected that his daughter's actions would allow the East Province Estate to obtain protection from this calamity.

That's right, a calamity!

Not long ago, a group of people suddenly came dashing out with their swords drawn, ready to kill anyone in their path. They claimed that the Seven Province Continent was a Forsaken Place and its inhabitants were wasting the resources of the Spirit God Continent. That was why they attacked - to eradicate all the humans of the Seven Province Continent!

"Ling'er, see if the West Province Academy has arrived yet? The elders of the West Province Academy are Feng'er's teachers, so we must take good care of them. As for those students… they can temporarily crowd together with the servants of the East Province."

"Oh, right, the people who went to the Ye Estate in Land of No Return should come back too, as well as the subordinates of Feng'er at the Physician Tower, bring them all here! Who knows whether those deranged people will destroy the Land of No Return as well?!"

Jun Lingtian's expression turned more solemn. Although Yun Qingya has reached monarch-god level already, he did not know how many monarch-gods the other side had, so they should be cautious about everything.

"Old Family Head." Suddenly, a servant hastily entered. "The South Province Governor's Estate sent someone here to seek an audience."

South Province?

Jun Lingtian snorted. "The South Province dares to come! Did they forget how they treated the Yun Family back then? Yet, they now seek us out to save them? Too late! Chase them away!"

"Yes, Old Family Head!"

Everyone in the Seven Province Continent knew what the South Province preciously did, so the Jun Family's servant was already displeased with the South Province, but he had to report something this important to the Old Family Head.

However, every member of the Jun Family knew what decision the Old Family Head would make!

Hence, after receiving his order, the servant quickly left. It did not take long for him to see the South Province Governor waiting at the door.

That's right! The one who came to the Jun Family this time was the Governor of the South Province!

Since he was already here, he did not plan to leave. Moreover, in his eyes, there was no way the Jun Family would sit back without doing anything when the Seven Province Continent was facing this type of danger.

However, the South Province Governor had clearly forgotten how he treated the Yun Family when they were in danger…

"Our Old Family Head said that we won't offer shelter to people from the South Province," the servant disdainfully said while haughtily lifting his head.

The South Province Governor's face shifted, but he still wanted to obtain the protection of the Jun Family, so his tone softened.

"Let me see Grandfather Jun. I have a way to make him take me in."

Anger flashed through the servant's eyes, and he snorted. "You once stood by without lending a hand, so why should our Old Family Head take you in? Hurry and leave! Otherwise, I will have someone chase you away!"

"You…" The South Province Governor was flushed with anger. He was nothing but a servant, but he dared to speak to him like that! He was the governor of the South Province, to say the least!

The South Province Governor took a deep breath and clenched his fists, suppressing the fury in his heart. "I don't want to speak with you. I want to see Grandfather Jun! Let me see him! I won't leave until I see him!"

Just as the governor finished speaking, a derisive voice was heard behind him.

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