Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2111 - Returning to Endless City Again (3)

Chapter 2111: Returning to Endless City Again (3)

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The second time was when she passed by this place incidentally while coming back, and she avenged Yun Ruoshui and Ye Jun after they were bullied. So added together, this was her third time entering Endless City.

"If I remember correctly, I discovered an underground cave in Endless City, and a powerful spirit beast was residing in the cave, so I was unable to investigate it before! And I was in a hurry last time, so I did not have time to enter the cave." Yun Luofeng stopped walking and turned to look at Yun Xiao. "This is the only suspicious place inside Endless City."

Yun Xiao pulled Yun Luofeng into his arms, his features gentle. "Then let's take a look now."


They did not hesitate any longer and entered the giant cave.

It was pitch black underground, but Yun Luofeng saw the dense black fog creeping toward them. She said, "Yun Xiao, this black fog is poisonous. Remember to not breathe," and held her breath.

In truth, Yun Xiao could tell this black fog wasn't ordinary even without Yun Luofeng's reminder. Although he could tell, he did not say this to Yun Luofeng and merely nodded. "I will remember."

The two of them did not converse anymore and walked toward the black fog. It did not take them long to pass through the black fog.

They then saw an array of skeletons. Originally, those skeletons had treasures hidden among them, but those treasures had long since been swiped clean by Yun Luofeng. Hence, Yun Luofeng did not hesitate at all before walking forward.

"Nine-winged celestial dragon."

Quickly, the nine-winged celestial dragon that Xiao Mo claimed was extremely dangerous also came into Yun Luofeng's view. The nine-winged celestial dragon was still in deep sleep and did not notice the approaching people. His enormous body was curled up and blocked the giant doors behind him.

"Nine-winged celestial dragon, a vicious beast from ancient times with formidable strength and incomparably ferocious. He once dominated a sea territory as its king, and later, in the battle between humans, one single breath of his managed to destroy the humans' magnificent army of thousands of men and horses. A single breath of flame caused the continent to burn without stopping for several months. A single flap of his wings caused the whole country to collapse and the world to enter an apocalypse. A sweep of his tail caused all the land it touched to turn into ruins."

A history book's description of the nine-winged celestial dragon surfaced in Yun Luofeng's mind, and she was more cautious. Although she had reached the reverent-god level, she did not dare to be at all careless about this nine-winged celestial dragon.

As they walked closer toward the nine-winged celestial dragon, his heavy breathing became louder and louder. His intense breathing was like heavenly thunder, shaking people.

Yun Luofeng took a deep breath. Her steps were very light since she was afraid the slightest second of carelessness would cause the nine-winged celestial dragon to wake up. Thankfully, the dragon remained sleeping even when they reached his side, as though he could not get enough sleep regardless of how much he slept. Even so, Yun Luofeng did not relax. She prudently circumvented the dragon, and her hands involuntarily reached to push the giant doors guarded by the dragon.

However, before her hands touched the doors, she abruptly met a pair of violent and savage eyes. The eyes did not contain any human emotions, and their blood-red color revealed his cruel nature.

"Feng'er!" Yun Xiao reacted swiftly and pulled Yun Luofeng into his arms the moment the nine-winged celestial dragon started getting up. He used his sleeves to block the wind set off by the large wings.

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