Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2108 - Tribe Leader (5)

Chapter 2108: Tribe Leader (5)

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"Hm?" The tribe leader suddenly looked at Little Bug and frowned. "Little guy, have we met before?"

Little Bug's eyes were full of confusion. "I don't know you."

His memories did not contain the tribe leader.

"Is that so?" The tribe leader was somewhat absent-minded. He felt like there was a familiar presence coming from this little guy.

"Long Yan, why don't you hurry and apologize to the little guy already?" the tribe leader harshly ordered, recalling the error Long Yan committed.

"Yes." Long Yan walked toward Little Bug with shame on his face. "Little Young Master, I was in the wrong. I hope Little Young Master will forgive me for offending you so greatly previously."

Little Bug harrumphed and pridefully kept his chin up. "Did you forget how you treated me before? And you dared to disregard my master and mistress! Yet you beg for my forgiveness now? Dream on!"

"What do you want me to do before you can forgive me?" Long Yan softened his voice and asked.

Little Bug stroked his chin. "However, seeing that you were willing to personally protect me from danger earlier, I can give you another chance. If the Ancestral Dragon Tribe can kill all the people who wanted to eradicate me, then I will forgive you."

In truth, since the moment Long Yan placed himself in harm's way to protect him, he did not hate him as much as before. However, he had to teach this old man a lesson so that he would not be so condescending in the future.

"Thank you, Little Young Master." Long Yan relaxed and subconsciously wiped away the cold sweat covering his forehead.

The other people were stupefied. They had only one thought in their mind, and that was to—flee!

However, the instant they turned around, they were blocked by a group of enormous dragons, forming an impenetrable barrier and giving them no escape!

"You wrongly accused a member of my Ancestral Dragon Tribe, so we can't allow you a chance to live. Long Yan, do this job well!"

"As you order, Tribe Leader!"

Long Yan had been itching with hate for this group of people, but it was not until now that he had the time to pay attention to them.

As soon as he remembered that it was because Qin Tianlao framed Little Bug and the others that he committed such a big mistake, he had an impulse to shred him into a thousand pieces.

"Qin Tianlao, when you were framing someone, did you expect to end up like this?" Mu Qingfei has been released by Yun Luofeng as well, and she was coldly watching Qin Tianlao. "Also, no matter how ferocious, a tiger doesn't eat his son. Yet, you killed your own son!"


An uproar reverberated through the crowd.

They only knew that Qin Tianlao wanted to encircle and eradicate Little Bug, but they did not know Qin Yuan was dead already. More than that, he died at the hands of Qin Tianlao!

Long Yan grew more enraged. He was previously fooled by this suave false gentleman? He had even killed his own son, what wasn't he willing to do?

At that moment, Qin Tianlao wanted to find a hole in the ground and hide inside it. That would be better than to receive those mocking gazes.

Yun Luofeng ignored Qin Tianlao and the others and turned to look at the tribe leader. She hesitated for a moment before speaking, "I still have one more thing that needs the help of your Ancestral Dragon Tribe."

"What is it? There is no harm for Miss Yun to say it."

"Um…" Yun Luofeng was silent for a moment before stating, "I want the pee of ancestral dragons."

Pee? The tribe leader was dumbfounded. Why does she want the pee of ancestral dragons?

However, the Tribe leader understood what he should ask and what he should not ask, so he merely inquired, "How much do you want?"

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