Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2101 - Live Without Regret, Die Without Regret (3)

Chapter 2101: Live Without Regret, Die Without Regret (3)

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"A puppet?" An indiscernible light flashed through Yu Tian's eyes. "It turns out that boy just now is a puppet. I actually didn't realize! Even Jue Qian couldn't make a puppet possess human thoughts, how did you do it?"

Yu Tian was very curious about this question. If he could control this type of ability…

The Spirit God Continent would have only one master from then on.

"You want to know?" Yun Luofeng smiled. "I doubt you will ever have the chance in your life."

Yu Tian's face chilled little by little, the raging storm rushing out of him also became stronger. The sound of thunder rang in the gloomy sky, and then lightning struck down, creating a giant, pitch-black crater in the ground.

"You asked for it! So don't blame me for being merciless."

"Feng'er, careful!"

After the power around Yu Tian exploded, it was as though there was a shapeless hand destroying everything in the surroundings.

Yun Xiao had no mind to fight with Yu Tian and immediately turned around, protecting Yun Luofeng in his embrace, tightly pressing her head against his shoulder.

In the instant that the power rampaged through the surroundings, the people with weaker protections was sent flying back by the power, their life leaking out while other people watched in fright.

Yu Tian did not even move his hand, and these monarch-god level experts lost their lives already. How could such a formidable power not terrify people?

Qin Tianlao's first thought was to flee, but his legs could not stop trembling and he could not take a single step. He could do nothing but watch Yu Tian with a dumbfounded and frightened gaze.

Thankfully, Yu Tian did not pay any attention to him and did not bother to even look at him.

His eyes were completely focused on Yun Luofeng being protected in Yun Xiao's arms, the emotion on his face static.

"Tell me, what is the relationship between Jue Qian and you?"

At the same time, Feng Jin also turned his head, confusion showing on his handsome face. "Miss, you also know me?"

Yun Luofeng slowly pulled out of Yun Xiao's arms, a faint smile rising on her lips. "I both know and don't know you… Logically, I should call you 'Master'."


Feng Jin's expression turned more confused, he was clearly thinking about something.

"I keep feeling like I have forgotten something…"

However, just what was it? He could not recall it at the current moment…

"Jue Qian, you are actually still alive?" Yu Tian's eight landed on Jue Qian again, obvious shock flickering through his eyes.

This Jue Qian merely had the body of a trash right now, so how… how did he survive his power?

"Compared to her, I must kill you first!"

Quickly, he regained his wits, and an overpowering murderous aura flooded out. His body was also quick as lightning, shooting to the front of Feng Jin.

Feng Jin was still deep in his thoughts and did not notice Yu Tian in front of him. His brows remained locked together, thinking hard about what he had forgotten.

"Careful!" Yun Luofeng hurriedly called.

Yun Xiao acted as well.

However, at that moment, a silver figure pounced toward Feng Jin from far away and stood in front of the man. Tian Yu's attack fiercely pierced his body and exploded inside his chest.


The youth's silver hair flew up with his long robes. A miserable smile was spread across his face as he fluttered down like beautiful flower petals, landing in Feng Jin's arms…

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