Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2093 - Fight! (1)

Chapter 2093: Fight! (1)

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"I always seek revenge for the smallest grievance!" Yun Luofeng glanced at Long Yan expressionlessly, "Let Little Bug treat you in exactly the same way you treated him just now."


Long Yan's heart was filled with anger. He pointed indignantly at Yun Luofeng and his eyes were angry. If they hadn't saved Long Luo, he wouldn't have been so tolerant to them.

Swish —

Yun Xiao suddenly moved. As fast as a gust of wind, he was already behind Long Yan and hit hard toward him with his palm before Long Yan could react.

Long Yan was shocked and quickly turned to defend himself from this attack. When their palms collided, he felt his body go numb. He retreated a few steps, and his face was filled with coldness instead of the initial shock.

"If you dare to point your finger at my woman again, I'll chop off all your fingers!" Yun Xiao's voice was cold and filled with intense murderous desire.

At this moment, Long Yan was completely shocked.

If he didn't feel it wrong, this man became a monarch-god level spirit cultivator not long ago. But why did his heart tremble at his powerful aura?



Long Yan's heart was gradually filled with fear.

"Yun Yi."

Yun Luofeng called casually.

In an instant, Yun Yi's sturdy body fell from the sky and hit the ground hard.

Seeing Yun Yi, the monarch-god level spirit cultivators all changed their expressions and someone even shouted angrily at Qin Tianlao, "Didn't you say they only had two monarch-god level spirit cultivators? Then what's going on now? Can you explain this to us?"

Qin Tianlao turned pale and almost fell down. Leaning against the tree behind him, he could hardly stabilize himself.

"Didn't you notice you are desperately outnumbered by us?" Long Yan turned blue with anger and shouted, "Come on, get all these people who dare to humiliate me!"

"Elder Long Yan!" Long Luo looked anxiously at the huge dragons in the sky and gritted her teeth, "I order you to stop! I'll see who still dares to do it!"

After all, Long Luo was the Miss of the Ancestral Dragon Tribe, so after hearing her words, the dragons that were ready to jump out all paused and hovered in the sky, as if thinking about something.

"Haha," Long Yan sneered, "don't forget, before we came out the leader told you to follow my orders!"

With that, he turned to Long Luo again and continued, "Don't worry, Miss, I'll just teach them a lesson. After all, these people saved you, so I won't kill them!"


With a thunderous roar, the whole sky was shaking. Long Yan said coldly, "What are you waiting for? Get these people!"

In an instant, all the giant dragons moved. Their aura was so huge that there seemed to be countless mountains pressing over people made them unable to breathe.

Gale sprang up and clouds scudded.

Yun Luofeng stood in the gale, her white robe was gently fluttering and her dark eyes were calm and emotionless. She was as beautiful as a painting,

"You Ancestral Dragon Tribe does have a lot of strong masters, but there is only one monarch-god level spirit cultivator here," Yun Luofeng gave a faint smile, "As to reverent god-level spirit cultivators, you're desperately outnumbered!"


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