Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2091 - Yun Luofeng Has Come (5)

Chapter 2091: Yun Luofeng Has Come (5)

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Qin Tianlao smiled smugly. It seemed that he scored a lucky hit. Now Long Yan would never believe Yun Luofeng.

At this moment, Yun Luofeng winked at Yun Xiao, and the latter slightly nodded at her and gradually released a powerful aura.

"I will not go back with you. If I hadn't been saved by Miss Yun, I would have been dead already! But you don't appreciate them, and even injured Little Bug! A man as unreasonable as you doesn't deserve to educate me!" Long Luo threw away Long Yan's hand in anger and walked back to Yun Luofeng. Her big eyes were still filled with anger, and she was trembling with anger.

Long Yan's voice turned solemn, "What's the matter?"

Yun Luofeng saved her?

Was Miss in danger?

Long Luo looked angrily at these people. As soon as she thought of their false accusations against Little Bug, she couldn't suppress the anger in her heart.

Fortunately, she happened to show up. What if she was not here? Then would the Ancestral Dragon Tribe hunt Yun Luofeng because of their accusations?

"You want to know why? Okay, I can tell you! I was beguiled by a bad person. I saved her but she caught me and made me vomit essence blood, and the wounds on my body were made by her." Long Luo rolled up her sleeves and showed the scars on her body.

The injuries were almost healed. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to take the shape of a human being…

But even so, Long Yan could still tell how much Long Luo had suffered these days!

His pupil constricted with rage, and he released an aggressive aura, rendering the whole sky fiery red.

"Fortunately, I escaped from them, but those people soon came after me. If Yun Luofeng hadn't saved me, perhaps… I would already be dead!"

The old memories were too bitter to recall. Long Luo bit her lips and she was trembling in the breeze.

At this time, a hand fell on her shoulder, as if silently comforting her. She looked back and cracked a bright smile at the boy behind. Her beautiful smile dazzled Little Bug's eyes and he… froze on the spot.

Hearing Long Luo's words, Long Yan, who was still furious and aggressive, looked a bit embarrassed and his tone was not as arrogant as before.

"So it's just a misunderstanding? But without Master Qin's information, I couldn't have found you… "

At the thought of this, Long Yan felt lucky and was grateful to Qin Tianlao.

Seeing this, Long Luo snorted contemptuously, "Elder Long Yan, it's like you're helping him count the money after being sold by him! I never saw him. When did he see me?"

Qin Tianlao's face changed and he gave a hollow laugh, "Miss Long, though you didn't see me, I did see you by this dragon's side. You just don't remember me."

"Oh? Then why didn't you recognize me just now?"

"Well… didn't I explain that? You were too far away from me just now, so I didn't recognize you." Qin Tianlao tried to suppress the killing desire in his heart and smiled kindly.

Long Luo tilted her little head, "Then can you tell me what I looked like when you saw me?"

What did she look like?

How could he know?

Although he thought this, Qin Tianlao didn't dare to say it out loud…

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