Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2090 - Yun Luofeng Has Come (4)

Chapter 2090: Yun Luofeng Has Come (4)

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This woman… was her daughter's Master that Qin Yuan mentioned?

Hearing the sound, the other giant dragons in the sky also moved. Their huge bodies covered the sky and all of them were staring at Yun Luofeng and others menacingly.

The two sides were on the verge of war.

Long Yan gave a roar and ordered the dragons behind him to strike first. In an instant, a gale sprang up, clouds scudded, and the whole sky turned dark.

At that moment, a girl's voice suddenly rang, which passed through the clouds and was heard by everyone.


A light flashed on Yun Luofeng's wrist, and then the crystal bracelet began to move.

Long Yan's eyes had been fixed on Yun Xiao, so he didn't pay much attention to Yun Luofeng, nor did he notice the crystal snake…

The snake left Yun Luofeng's wrist and jumped to the ground. Her body gradually grew and after a while, a giant crystal dragon came into view. The transformation of the crystal dragon didn't stop. Her body was covered by light, and from the light, a cute and pretty girl came out slowly.

Long Yan was startled. He widened his eyes, which were filled with joy and then anger.

"There is still another giant dragon?" Qin Tianlao looked surprised but soon regained his composure. "Even if you have one more giant dragon, so what? You'll still have to die! Master Long Yan, this female dragon is with them. You'd better kill them all at once!"

Hearing Qin Tianlao's disdainful words, Long Yan bellowed, "You b*stard! Didn't you say you had seen our Miss? Then who is this?"

Like being struck by a bolt from the blue…

Qin Tianlao was stunned. His body turned stiff.

What did Elder Long Yan mean?

Then who was this?

What did that mean?

As if thinking of something, Qin Tianlao mechanically turned his head and looked in astonishment at the little girl walking towards Long Yan.

How could… there be such a coincidence?!

He said those things to frame these people, but he didn't know that they really had the Miss of the Ancestral Dragon Tribe!

Little Bug was more muddled than they were.

Long Luo was the Miss of the Ancestral Dragon Tribe?

"Wait a minute!" Long Yan suddenly seemed to think of something. He turned his head to Qin Tianlao, and his old voice was cold, "Didn't you say you saw our Miss by this guy's side? But why did you say those words just now? Why did you say our Miss was with these people?"

Qin Tianlao shivered hard and couldn't help sweating, "Elder Long Yan, I… I just didn't recognize her. Now it proves that my words are true. You must kill these people!"

Long Luo took a look at Qin Tianlao and turned her eyes to Long Yan, "Elder Long Yan, why did you make such a fuss just to find me? And you wronged innocent people."

"Miss, you don't know how evil these guys are. Human beings are unreliable, and you are so simple. Now that I am here, you can leave with me." Long Yan glanced at Little Bug and the others. "Since we've found you, I can let them go as long as you go with me."

Angered by his words, Long Luo said angrily, "Some people are really evil, especially these people here. How could you believe their words so easily and even injure Little Bug!"

"Miss!" Long Yan sounded angry, "Master Qin didn't say anything wrong. Aren't you by their side? Why are you still trying to defend them?"

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