Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2088 - Yun Luofeng Has Come (2)

Chapter 2088: Yun Luofeng Has Come (2)

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"Yes, Master Qin doesn't lie! This dragon just doesn't want to admit it."

"I witnessed it too. It was exactly the same as Master Qin described."

The others all echoed Qin Tianlao. Now they were in the same boat, so of course they would help Qin Tianlao.

The smile on Qin Tianlao's face spread. He noticed Long Yan's angry eyes and secretly gave a triumphant smile. The Ancestral Dragon Tribe was just so so. They were deceived like fools by them. These dragons had been secluded and had no clue of the ways of the world!

"I'll give you one last chance. Hand over our Miss, or else don't blame me for being rude!" Long Yan lifted his voice arrogantly, which rumbled like a thunder in the sky.

Not willing to surrender to his threat, Little Bug said loudly, his eyes fearless, "I am also telling you for the last time. I don't even know your Miss' name, nor have I met her!"


Long Yan snorted, and released a powerful aura that rendered the dim sky even more cloudy, gloomy and suffocating.

"I've given you the chance, but you won't take it. Then don't blame me!"


With that, Long Yan roared and spat out a flame which gradually grew into a fireball as dazzling as the sun. It shot at Little Bug in an instant.

Little Bug vigilantly stared at him. Seeing the dragon breath striking at him, he quickly protected Mu Qingfei with his claws and blocked the attack with his sturdy body.


The attack hit Little Bug's body hard. He trembled and almost vomited blood.

They were both at the monarch-god level!

But their strength was not at the same level…

Little Bug trembled and looked rather angry, "The Ancestral Dragon Tribe is so unreasonable! I'll never go back to you."

"We don't want you anyway!"

Though a monarch-god level spirit cultivator was rare on this continent, he was not willing to accept Little Bug…

A dragon who wouldn't admit what he had done was not qualified to be a member of their Ancestral Dragon Tribe!


He released another dragon breath that pounced on Little Bug.

Little Bug tried to escape, but the dragon breath seemed to have eyes, turned aside and hit him hard again.

Blood seeped from his scales. His huge body shook but soon he stabilized his body…

Fortunately, he was also at the monarch-god level. If he was only a reverent-god level spirit cultivator, he would have been burnt into ashes by that powerful dragon breath!

At this moment, Little Bug had to protect Mu Qingfei when he tried to resist Long Yan's attacks, so he could only block the ceaseless dragon breaths with his strong body…

"Why hasn't Master come yet?"

Little Bug became more and more anxious. It never occurred to him that the dragon ancestor tribe was so stupid and gullible. If things kept going like this… he wouldn't be able to hold up long.


Boom Boom Boom!

The explosion sounds rang in the sky from time to time. Watching Little Bug being beaten up, those people laughed happily.

"Mu Qingfei, do you regret rejecting my son now?" Qin Tianlao smiled, "Without my son's protection, you can't survive on the continent. It's ridiculous that you are still so ungrateful! You just dug your own grave!"

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