Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2087 - Yun Luofeng Has Come (1)

Chapter 2087: Yun Luofeng Has Come (1)

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Under Long Yan's suspicious stare, Qin Tianlao looked very indignant as if he had been greatly wronged.

Long Yan turned his eyes to Little Bug again and frowned, "If our Miss is really in your hands, please return her to us."

There was an indescribable disappointment in Little Bug's eyes. Before that, he was full of fantasies about the Ancestral Dragon Tribe and even imagined the day when he returned to the dragon ancestor tribe. But now…

Facing Long Yan's cold stare, he felt so disappointed.

Little Bug squinted, and a fierce gleam flickered across his eye. He looked up at the giant dragons all over the sky and said fearlessly, "I haven't even met your Miss. Why are you accusing me of kidnapping her?"

"Master Qin was right. If he wants to deal with you, he doesn't have to gather so many people and convict you." Long Yan's old voice sounded so cold, "But, since you're also a dragon ancestor, I'll let you go safe and sound if you hand over our Miss."

The Ancestral Dragon Tribe was proud. Once they believed a thing, no one could change their minds.

Little Bug couldn't understand why this guy was so stubborn…

So he didn't want to waste time with them again. He sneered, "I'll see how you deal with me!"


A dragon roar resounded throughout the sky. Little Bug's body rushed rapidly towards Long Yan, as swiftly as a gust of wind.

"You overestimate yourself!" Long Yan snorted. Instead of flinching, he ran towards Little Bug.

They were both huge and from the Ancestral Dragon Tribe, so…

The collision of their bodies caused a disturbance in the sky. The whole sky seemed to explode. The people around them were knocked back two steps by this force.

Qin Tianlao put a smug smile on his face. The Ancestral Dragon Tribe used to be a dominant presence on the Continent. Even if they were added together, they couldn't resist Long Yan!

The whole continent would be under the reign of the Ancestral Dragon Tribe, had it not been for the change that happened to the Ancestral Dragon Tribe and made them disappear from the Continent.

But even so, the Ancestral Dragon Tribe was still invincibly powerful…


Little Bug retreated a few steps quickly. He felt a sharp pain in his insides and even his vision blurred.

"It turns out that the Ancestral Dragon Tribe is so unreasonable!" Mu Qingfei sneered and looked up at Elder Long Yan's haughty face. "How can you convict him just because of some words of Qin Tianlao? He said we took your Miss, but what evidence does he have?"

Long Yan looked a bit sullen. It was actually not a big deal. They just needed to hand over Miss. It was their fault that things developed to this point.

"Mu Qingfei, you seduced my son and I haven't settled this account with you yet. How dare you try to deceive Elder Long Yan!" Qin Tianlao's eyes were filled with killing intent. "I swear I saw with my own eyes that this dragon kidnapped the Ancestral Dragon Tribe's Miss! The whole world knows that I am an aboveboard person who never cheats or lies!"

Most people believed Qin Tianlao was that kind of person and only a few people knew about his true colors…

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