Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2086 - Ancestral Dragon Tribe (2)

Chapter 2086: Ancestral Dragon Tribe (2)

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When Qin Tianlao became anxious, the sky suddenly became dark, as if it was being covered by a layer of dark clouds.

Everyone stopped and looked at the sky in surprise. In an instant, they saw that numerous giant dragons had appeared. Their bodies were as huge as big mountains. If they accidentally fell from the sky, they would crush a lot of people…

"It's the Ancestral Dragon Tribe!" Qin Tianlao was shocked. An unfathomable glint flickered across his eyes and he looked at Little Bug as if pondering of something.

"Master Qin."

A muffled shout was heard from the sky. The voice was old. As if travelling through time, it exploded over Qin Tianlao's ear like thunder, making his ears tingle.

"Excuse me, are you Long Yan of the Ancestral Dragon Tribe?" Qin Tianlao guessed his identity from his voice and asked him immediately.

"Yes, it's me!" The giant ancestral dragon said. "I came here because I heard that you knew the whereabouts of our Miss. If you can tell me that, our Ancestral Dragon Tribe will meet your wish no matter what it is!"

The Ancestral Dragon Tribe always kept their promises. When their Miss was missing, they declared that if anyone could help them find their Miss, they would give them a wish.

"Elder Long Yan, don't you see what we're doing?" Qin Tianlao's eyes flickered and he looked at Little Bug, "Is this ancestral dragon from your tribe?"

Long Yan looked at Little Bug with surprise, thought about it and shook his head, "I don't know him."

Qin Tianlao was relieved to hear that. He said calmly, "I saw your Miss at the side of this guy before, so I invited these monarch-god level spirit cultivators to besiege him, but he refused to admit it! However, though he is a traitor to your tribe, I'm willing to punish him for you."

Everyone was dumfounded. How could Qin Tianlao tell lies without batting his eyelid?


Everyone on the Continent knew the style of the dragon ancestor tribe. If they found out that they besieged Little Bug for his essence blood, they would never let them off.

So he had to splash dirty water on Little Bug!

"Oh?" Long Yan narrowed his huge eyes and released a powerful aura that pressed down like a huge mountain. He coldly stared at Little Bug, "Did you kidnap our Miss?"

"If you'd rather believe humans than me, then I have nothing to say," Little Bug snorted and said sarcastically.

Long Yan turned his eyes to Qin Tianlao again, "Master Qin, is what you said true? You know that if you deceive us, you'll end up in misery."

Qin Tianlao's face changed, and he tried to calm down. "Elder Long Yan, I am being kind to you. How can you doubt me? I, Qin Tianlao, am always aboveboard and will never falsely accuse anyone! Besides, if I want to deal with this dragon, I can do it alone. Why should I gather so many strong masters here? I do this because I want to force him to hand over your Miss! But in the end, my kindness came to no good!"

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