Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2084 - Death of Qin Yuan (4)

Chapter 2084: Death of Qin Yuan (4)

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Qin Yuan coughed and vomited a mouthful of blood, and his ghastly pale face turned even more bloodless.

"Fei'er, if my death can make you remember me, then I have no regrets all my life." He pushed Mu Qingfei away with difficulty, stumbled and fell to the ground. "And, I was lying to you. Your daughter was not deceived. Yun Luofeng… treats her very well. If you can get out of here, go to Yun Luofeng. She will protect you."

A man's words were good when death was near.

As long as Mu Qingfei could survive, he… was willing to tell the truth to her. Besides, the only person who could protect Fei'er now was her…

"Qin Yuan!" Mu Qingfei's lips trembled, "Thank you… "

No matter how many bad things Qin Yuan had done, he never hurt her. On the contrary, he took care of her as much as he could.

This 'Thank you' seemed to satisfy Qin Yuan. A smile appeared on his face and he slowly closed his eyes without any regrets.

Mu Qingfei closed her eyes and clenched her fists. After a long time, she suddenly opened her eyes and glared at Qin Tianlao, "Why did you do this? He's your son! Even a vicious tiger won't eat its cubs. Why did you kill your own son?"

"A betrayer must die!" Qin Tianlao sneered, "Of course, as a father, I will be tolerant toward my son, so I will satisfy his wishes! Doesn't he like you? Then I'll send you to accompany him in the afterlife!"


Immediately, a powerful aura surged out of Qin Tianlao. He released a powerful spirit energy that pounced on Mu Qingfei. Overwhelmed by such a powerful aura, Mu Qingfei couldn't move her body. She could only watch the spirit energy going to hit her.


Just at this crucial moment, a dragon roar came out, shaking the whole sky. The spirit energy that was going to hit Mu Qingfei was instantly dissolved into bits and pieces and scattered in the air…

Everyone was stunned. When Qin Tianlao looked up, a huge body rushed down from the sky. Without saying a word, he picked up Mu Qingfei and rushed out of the Qin Family.

"A dragon ancestor of monarch-god level? The dragon ancestor tribe? No, there isn't such a dragon among the monarch-god level dragons of the dragon ancestor tribe!" Qin Tianlao pondered and immediately ordered, "Guards, ask the monarch-god level spirit cultivators who have already arrived at the Qin City to besiege this dragon ancestor… "

The essence blood of the dragon ancestor tribe was very precious, especially that of a monarch-god leveled one. So, those people would never give up as long as they were told that there was such a dragon ancestor here!

At the thought of this, a greedy gleam flickered across Qin Tianlao's eyes, and then he quickly rushed towards the dragon ancestor…

On the street.

The noisy crowd had disappeared, leaving only silence.

Little Bug, carrying Mu Qingfei, quickly flew toward the inn where Yun Luofeng was staying. He looked at the pursuers behind him from time to time and a ferocious light flashed through his eyes.

Swish swish swish!

Suddenly, numerous figures appeared from nowhere and surrounded Little Bug in the middle.

These people were all at the monarch-god level!

Although Little Bug was also at the monarch-god level and more powerful than others thanks to his constitution, he broke through to the monarch-god level not long ago and still couldn't control his power well. Besides, he had to cope with seven or eight monarch-god level spirit cultivators alone, so he felt somewhat powerless…

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