Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2083 - Death of Qin Yuan (3)

Chapter 2083: Death of Qin Yuan (3)

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Qin Yuan raised his head in shock and stared at Qin Tianlao in astonishment, wondering why his father knew this.

"Do you think I trust you?" Qin Tianlao sneered, "After you came back, I had my men find out what happened and they told me those people of our Qin Family died in the Saintly Virgin Tribe. If I remember correctly, Mu Qingfei used to be the leader of the Saintly Virgin Tribe and their current Young Leader is Yun Luofeng's disciple."

More and more cold sweat appeared on Qin Yuan's face. He was so nervous that he didn't dare to say anything.

"Yuan'er, I didn't expect that you would keep so many things from me just for a woman." Qin Tianlao shook his head, sounding disappointed.


Qin Yuan immediately fell to his knees and crawled towards Qin Tianlao, "Father, I know I made a mistake. Please forgive me. I'll never do it again." As he spoke, he held Qin Tianlao's legs and looked at Qin Tianlao with imploring eyes. But the next second, the spiritual energy in his hands suddenly became a shackle and locked Qin Tianlao's legs.

"Fei'er, run!"

Qin Yuan turned around in a hurry and shouted to Mu Qingfei, "Go now, the matrix on the back mountain hasn't been activated. Just run out of here!"

Mu Qingfei paused. She looked at Qin Yuan who was tightly holding Qin Tianlao's legs and a complicated gleam flashed through her eyes…

"Yuan'er, you betrayed me for this woman?" Qin Tianlao still clasped his hands behind his back and looked like a celestial being.

His cold eyes fell on Qin Yuan like daggers.

"I'm sorry, Father, but Fei'er is my true love. No matter how many mistakes I have to make or how many people I have to kill, I don't want her to die in your hand!"

From what he knew of his father, Qin Tianlao would never let go of Mu Qingfei if he learned that Lin Ruobai was Mu Qingfei's daughter.

After all…

So many people of the Qin Family died in the hands of Yun Luofeng's subordinates.

"You think you can trap me with this petty strength? In your dreams!" Qin Tianlao raised his hand and hit Qin Yuan on the head. With a boom, his head was hit by a great force and blood ran down from his forehead.

"And you should know that in my life, what I hate most is being betrayed. Even if you are my son, I won't forgive you!"

Qin Tianlao didn't hesitate at all as if the person in front of him was not his own son!

Qin Yuan turned stiff and fell backward. He looked at Mu Qingfei lovingly, then fell to the ground with a thud and lay on his back.

"Qin Yuan!" Mu Qingfei's heart was touched at this moment. She rushed towards Qin Yuan and asked with a complicated look, "Why did you try to save me?"

"Fei'er, if only… the person who took you out of the Continent of Seven Provinces wasn't me."

Then he wouldn't have fallen in love with her… and Fei'er wouldn't have suffered all these years.

"Don't speak. I'll take you away."

Over the years, Qin Yuan had placed Mu Qingfei under house arrest here, so she hated him. But her hatred for him had gone after he sacrificed his own life for her…

Mu Qingfei bent down, held Qin Yuan up from the ground with trembling hands, and even her voice was trembling.

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