Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2075 - Frame-up (2)

Chapter 2075: Frame-up (2)
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"Father always had a preference for that son of his, Cheng Wuyan! Even after he went missing, he only thinks about finding him, without a care for me, his daughter, in the slightest!" Cheng Gaoya's expression was ice-cold as her eyes radiated a bone-chilling glint. "Since I'm not lacking compared to Cheng Wuyan, why can't I inherit the Cheng Family? Just because I'm a daughter?"

Everyone kept silent without talking. Compared to Cheng Wuyan's gentle demeanor, Cheng Gaoya was clearly more heartless and ruthless… There was nothing she wouldn't do to achieve her objectives!

"Miss." Just then, a guard walked in with haste and spoke while panting, "Those experts we dispatched to chase down Long Luo… are all dead."

What? Cheng Gaoya stood up in shock as her expression was extremely unsightly. "Dead? I don't believe Long Luo has the capability right now."

"Miss, your subordinate is speaking the truth. I personally saw their corpses and they were all killed with a single blow…"

Under Cheng Gaoya's murderous gaze, that guard subconsciously wiped off his cold sweat. He was also surprised that the Cheng Family's experts had met their end. Who was the one who had the strength to do so?

"Could it be it's those few aristocrat families that are thinking of snatching this Ancestor Dragon from us?" Cheng Gaoya furrowed her brows as a cold glint streaked across her eyes.

"Miss, we picked up a jade pendant at the site, please have a look." After speaking, that guard slowly walked up and passed the jade pendant to Cheng Gaoya.

Upon noticing 'Qin' engraved on the jade pendant, she gnashed her teeth with hatred. "This Qin Family is extremely daring for snatching away my prey!"

The Qin Family!

Cheng Gaoya was filled with hatred and if the Qin Family was before her, she would've immediately killed them on the spot.
"Why did the Qin Family snatch away Long Luo?" The senior elder was silent for a moment and said. "Could it be that Long Luo doesn't have an ordinary position in the tribe? I heard that the eldest young miss of the tribe went missing a while back."

"Impossible. Although Long Luo belongs to the Ancestor Dragon Tribe, she doesn't have a powerful status." Understanding the elder's thoughts, Cheng Gaoya gave a mocking smile. "Otherwise, do you think I'd dare to touch Long Luo? No matter how powerful the tribe is, they still have to consider the strength of us humans! Therefore, they would at the very most find trouble for us and wouldn't go all out for Long Luo."

Of course, if Long Luo was the eldest young miss of the Dragon Ancestor Tribe, it probably wouldn't end simply like that. Furthermore, she wouldn't have committed such a foolish act of provoking that person.

"Miss, this… how did you know about it?"

Facing the elder's questioning, Cheng Gaoya smiled with indifference. "I previously asked Long Luo, and an innocent dragon like her wouldn't know how to lie and deceive. She said she's only a normal dragon in the tribe and isn't the eldest young miss who went missing.

Hearing her explanation, Lao Huan released a sigh of relief.

Such a pure and ignorant dragon wouldn't be associated with the word lies. Therefore, her words had a high degree of credibility.

"Since so, then we can rest assured. Miss, should we set off to Qin City right now? In any case, we cannot give the Ancestor Dragon to them just like that!"


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