Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2074 - Frame-up (1)

Chapter 2074: Frame-up (1)

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Yun Luofeng was silent.

Looking at her expression, Ling Luo assumed that Yun Luofeng was unwilling to let her stay. She instantly became nervous and spoke in a careful tone, "I… I am knowledgable and I can also be your bodyguard. Could you please allow me to stay?"

Perhaps Long Luo's voice finally caused Yun Luofeng to respond. She quirked her brow and looked at the huge dragon before her.

"It's not convenient for you to follow me like this. We came here to settle some affairs and if you follow by my side in such a figure, I'm afraid it'll attract too much attention."

"I…" Long Luo's eyes brightened, and seem to contain a layer of mist. "After my injuries have recovered, I can transform into a human form. As for now…. I can camouflage myself."

The dragon tribe had an innate ability to transform their sizes, just like Little Bug who often used a bug's appearance to show up. Long Luo was naturally capable of doing so too.

"Alright," Yun Luofeng unperturbedly said. "If you can conceal yourself, I'll let you follow me."

Long Luo brightened up and soon after, a layer of light shrouded her and she gradually shrunk while everyone' was watching. In the blink of an eye, that previous huge dragon had turned into a sparkling and translucent jade-like little snake.

The little snake stuck out its tongue and licked Yun Lufoeng's hand. Its pair of bright eyes were filled with gratefulness.

Yun Luofeng picked up Long Luo and allowed her body to twine around her wrist before looking up at the man by her side with a faint smile. "Yun Xiao, let's go."

"Mistress." Seeing Yun Luofeng about to leave, Little Bug hastily ran over, seemingly afraid he would be abandoned.

A short while later, their silhouettes disappeared within the forest, with only a few corpses on the ground as evidence that they there…

Cheng Family.

Within the luxurious and exquisite estate, a dignified and beautiful woman was currently seated upright. She wore a pale yellow long robe and appeared elegant.

"What's wrong? You haven't recaptured that dragon?" The woman frowned and her tone was clearly of extreme impatience.

"Eldest young miss, I've already dispatched men to chase Long Luo. It is heavily injured and can't escape far," a bodyguard that stood on one side respectfully answered.

"A bunch of worthless fools that can't even watch over a single dragon!" Cheng Gaoya slammed the table and stood up. Revealing a furious expression, her eyes faintly contained a violent storm. "You had better recapture Long Luo within three days!"

Within the entire hall, everyone was silent without speaking. Only after a long time did a weak voice speak up.

"Eldest Young Miss, our actions don't seem to be right. Not to mention that Long Luo is from the Ancestor Dragon Tribe, it also saved your life previously. We've already obtained enough essence blood so why don't we let it go so that we don't commit too much evil."

That senior elder lightly sighed and wanted to persuade Cheng Gaoya. Yet, what he received was her bone-chilling gaze.

"To stand at the peak of the Continent, we have to abandon all friendships! Even if it had saved me before, but so what? It can only blame itself for being too naive. Furthermore, the Ancestor Dragon Tribe wasn't aware that we captured Long Luo anyways. However, if we release it, it'll incur wrath and retaliation from them, am I right?"

Those people who wanted to continue persuading Cheng Gaoya had turned taciturn after hearing her words. Indeed, if they allowed Long Luo to escape, what awaited them would probably be the Ancestor Dragon Tribe's revenge.

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