Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2073 - Ancestor Dragon, Long Luo (3)

Chapter 2073: Ancestor Dragon, Long Luo (3)

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"Thank you…"

The dragon's voice was not as rough as its body looked. Instead, it was exceptionally melodious and touched one's soul, similar to a black-naped oriole.

"Master, Mistress, this dragon has woke up," Little Bug excitedly called out. Very soon, Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao walked to the huge dragon's side.

The huge dragon looked at Yun Luofeng without looking away and its fixed gaze caused Yun Xiao to frown.

"Why are those people chasing you?" Yun Luofeng glanced at the huge dragon and asked with a lazy tone.

The dragon's expression darkened. "Those people are from the Cheng Family. Previously when the eldest young miss of the Cheng Family encountered danger outside, I saved her and she invited me to the Cheng Family as thanks. She also treated me to a very delicious soup.

After drinking it I lost consciousness and when I woke up I realized I was locked in a cage. Every single day they forced me to spit out my essence blood. When I was unwilling, they would pierce me with their swords and burn me with a branding iron. Not only that, they even pulled out my scales!

I took advantage and escaped when their vigilance was weak. If I hadn't met you, I'm afraid I would've come to a terrible end."

The dragon was riddled with scars and a few parts of its body were missing scales, resulting in some flesh that was drenched with blood to be exposed. Looking at the new and old injuries together, it seemed exceptionally miserable.

"You said it was the Cheng Family who did this?" Wuyan's eyes turned cold and even his breathing became hurried.

His emotional fluctuation was very huge, causing Yun Luofeng to glance at him. However, she did not ask anything. Everyone had their secrets and since Wuyan was unwilling to speak of it, she wouldn't pry. Even so, she could make out that this Cheng Family was closely related to Wuyan. Perhaps, he might belong to this family and the person who harmed him was also there…

"These people are too much!" Little Bug turned red from anger as he fiercely said, "In my opinion, those from the Cheng Family aren't fit to be humans! They're even worse than us spirit beasts!"

At the very least, spirit beasts wouldn't commit such acts like biting the hand that saved them.

The huge dragon blinked her eyes. "My name is Long Luo, what's yours?"

"This is my Master Yun Xiao and the person who saved you is my Mistress, Yun Luofeng. Although my Master is a man, my Mistress calls the shot in this family. In the future, you should just curry favor with my Mistress. As for my name…" Little Bug lightly coughed.

What name should he call himself to attract this female dragon's attention? In any case, Little Bug definitely won't do!

However, before Little Bug managed to think of a domineering name, Yun Luofeng spoke. "You can just call him Little Bug."

In that instant, Little Bug's expression was extremely black as his gaze towards Yun Luofeng was filled with resentment.

He wanted to woo this female dragon but why did his Mistress stab him in the back? Could it be, he had to be single throughout his whole life?

Long Luo giggled but accidentally tore open her wounds and sucked in a breath of cold air due to the pain.

"Recuperate here first and after you've recovered, I'll send you away." Yun Luofeng shot a glance at Long Luo and said.

Long Luo was stunned and slightly lowered her head. Using an extremely weak voice, it said. "I don't wish to return. I want to travel together with you."


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