Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2072 - Ancestor Dragon, Long Luo (2)

Chapter 2072: Ancestor Dragon, Long Luo (2)

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Just as he said that, a dragon's wail could be heard. That voice sounded as if it was in excruciating pain and it carried sadness and suffering.

For some reason, that shout caused Little Bug to tremble and tightly grab on Yun Luofeng's sleeve. "Master, save her. Please, save her…"

Among the azure blue skies, a few experts encircled a huge crystalline dragon. The pitchforks in their hands were fiercely thrust into it again. Fresh blood seeped out from the thick dragon scales, similar to bean-sized rain droplets as it flowed out.


The huge dragon bellowed in grief and indignation. Heaven and earth trembled and the skies seemed to be responding to her pain. Thunder suddenly sounded from the originally clear blue sky and lightning tore across the sky with a bang.

"It could actually escape even after being seriously injured! Right now, we have to quickly capture it. If the Ancient Dragon Clan comes to know about this, we will certainly be punished!"

"Tsk, this dragon's skin is so thick! To think it isn't dead even after such serious injuries. Furthermore, even after being continuously forced to spit out dozens drops of essence blood for three months, it could find an opportunity to escape."

The essence blood of dragons was extremely precious and it required several months of recuperation to recover one single drop.

However, this group of people had forced this dragon to continuously spit out dozens of drops of essence blood for several months which simply equated to exhausting its life! More importantly, when a dragon spat out essence blood, it would feel as if their bone marrow was pulled out and that sort of pain was hard to imagine.

The crystal dragon's huge body twisted and its thick tail swept across the group of humans. Its strength was very powerful and with just a sweep they had retreated a few steps.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the huge dragon turned with intentions of escaping. However, that group of humans quickly recovered their senses and caught up. They then used the pitchforks in their hands to fiercely thrust into its tail…


The severe pain caused it to tremble and fresh blood had long dyed the skies red. It could no longer continue to fly and suddenly fell from the sky, crashing into the mountain forests with a bang and caused the entire place to be flattened.

A bean-sized tear flowed down from its eyes and transformed into a pearl as it fell down.

Its eyes contained despair and unwillingness. It could no longer move due to the excessive exertion…

Finally… I'm going to die?

So it turns out, death had become an extravagant hope for it.

The huge dragon slightly shut its eyes and just as its eyes were about to shut, a snow-white figure appeared before it, similar to an immortal, with white robes fluttering in the air. Her expression was so gentle and even her voice was moving.

"Yun Xiao, settle this group of people. I'll treat its injuries first."

These were the last words the huge dragon heard before it lost consciousness.

At this instant, it believed that its perseverance wasn't futile. As long as one's heart was kind, they would ultimately have that kindness reciprocated.

The lightning and thunder flashes disappeared together as it lost consciousness and the sky gradually turned to dusk. After the huge dragon regained consciousness, a cute young boy stretched his head before her as he said happily, "My kind, you've woke up?"

My kind?

The huge dragon was bewildered. Was he talking to her?

Oh right…

All of a sudden, the huge dragon seem to recall something as its head quivered while hastily using its eyes to survey its surroundings. After spotting the white-robed lady quietly sitting on the tree having a rest, it relaxed.

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