Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2071 - Ancestor Dragon, Long Luo (1)

Chapter 2071: Ancestor Dragon, Long Luo (1)

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Monarch-god! Even within the Spirit God Continent, it was an existence that could be counted on one hand.

"Father, what should we do next?" Qin Yuan tightly knitted his brows and asked.

The old man recovered his calmness very soon as he ordered, "Immediately send a notice and ask all monarch-gods of the Spirit God Continent to cooperate and deal with Yun Luofeng! No matter how strong her subordinates are, they cannot resist against numerous monarch-gods!"

"With what reason?"

The Spirit God Continent was a whole entity and if an expert was born on that god-forsaken land, the other monarch-gods wouldn't remain indifferent! However, the problem was that those experts wouldn't meddle in their business as long as Yun Luofeng hadn't killed her way into the Spirit God Continent.

He frowned and deeply pondered. "Tell them that Yun Luofeng has found out about the Spirit God Continent's existence and provoked us. Our Qin Family went to discuss with her on good terms after knowing her intentions, but who would expected her to attack us without reason and had killed our family's experts?! She even claimed that she wanted to become the dictator of this Spirit God Continent!"

"Those monarch-gods are craven and cowardly and Yun Luofeng is very talented. Coupled with the two monarch-gods experts under her, it'll definitely cause a restraining fear in many. As such, we can only root her out while she's still in germination stage!"

Killing intent circulated within his eyes as a sneer quirked on his lips. He did not believe that he was incapable of dealing with that woman!

"Father, should I send a letter to the ancestor dragon tribe?"

The Ancestor Dragon Tribe possessed an extremely powerful strength within this Spirit God Continent. However, some unforeseen events happened in the tribe and resulted in them going into seclusion. Therefore, it had been many years since they had appeared on the Continent.

"Yes!" The old man was silent for a moment and said. "Tell the Ancestor Dragon Tribe that I know some news about their eldest young miss and they'll immediately come to assist!"

Qin Yuan looked at his father in surprise but knew not to ask any questions. He merely answered and retreated.

Just as Qin Family was busy dealing with Yun Luofeng, she had already come uninvited and stood on the lands of the Spirit God Continent.

"The spiritual energy here is very dense, much thicker compared to the Fengyun Continent. No wonder it's impossible for any monarch-gods to appear in the Fengyun Continent yet it is possible here."

Just as Yun Luofeng spoke, Little Bug who had been staying in the God Code World became restless. Without any alternative option, Yun Luofeng released him.

Instantly, Little Bug was enveloped in a layer of light and after the light dispersed, an extremely pretty cute boy appeared by her side.

"Little Bug, you can transform into a human shape?" Yun Luofeng was surprised. After knowing Little Bug for so long, it was her first time seeing his human appearance.

Little Bug rolled his eyes. As his appearance was cute and adorable, and even his actions of rolling his eyes seemed very adorable.

"I was only too lazy to appear in my human form. Also, since this Spirit God Continent is my homeland, can you change the way you call me? If my tribesmen were to hear that, how am I to face them?"

Seemingly not hearing what Little Bug said, she turned towards Yun Xiao. "Where shall we go next?"

Just as Yun Xiao wanted to reply, he suddenly sensed a strong killing intent and it caused his expression to become vigilant. He instantly pulled Yun Luofeng into his embrace and said, "Be careful."

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