Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2068 - Spirit God Continent (4)

Chapter 2068: Spirit God Continent (4)

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Xue Ying covered her mouth and laughed. “When Feng’er was here back then, there was no lack of troubles she caused. Instead, I never saw you lecture her…”

Xu Kong rolled his eyes and revealed a proud expression. “Naturally, even if Feng’er stirs up trouble, she is still very outstanding! How could I bear to lecture her?”

Yun Luofeng’s lips twitched and glanced at Yun Xiao who stood by her side. Her eyes seemed to ask, did she really like to stir up trouble?

Yun Xiao had always been an honest kid and upon receiving Yun Luofeng’s ‘about to murder someone’ gaze, he still nodded. Yet, he added on another sentence at the end, “You can cause as much trouble as you wish, I will be your back up.”

Even if you pierce a huge hole in the skies, I will be by your side, supporting you behind your back!

Yun Xiao wasn’t someone who regularly spoke words of love, but whenever he did, it would amaze the world with a single sentence.

Even those old fellows present who had lived for nearly a hundred years unconsciously used an admiring gaze to look at the man before them. Yun Luofeng also retracted her murderous look with his words.

“Both of you as a young married couple are still so in love after so many years. Have you ever spared a thought for us unmarried people?” A trace of awkwardness surfaced on Xu Kong’s face and he dryly coughed. “However, Feng’er, you’re very busy and you wouldn’t visit without a cause. Speak, for what matters are you here today?”

Yun Luofeng quirked her lips. “Are you aware of what happened in the Jun Family a few days back?

“What happened?”

“The reason behind those bolts of heavenly lightning!”

Those bolts of lightning had continued for three whole days. After ceasing for a short moment, it started again. And so, it was impossible that these few elders hadn’t heard of such a huge incident happening in the Jun Family.

A vague idea flashed through Xue Ying. “Feng’er, was it your work for so many of the Jun Family members to break through to god-level?

“That’s right,” Yun Luofeng lightly smiled and took out five dragon saliva fruit. “This is a dragon saliva fruit and you can breakthrough after consuming it. However, your strength will not only be at god-level, but above it! As for what level you may reach, it’ll depend on your own potential.”

What? Not god-level but above god-level?

The few elders were shocked dumb and every one of them looked at Yun Luofeng in astonishment.

“These five fruits are for you and I have another two with me. If you see Ji Jiutian or Hu Li, I’d trouble you to hand it over to them.”

Seeing these few old fellows still stunned on the spot, she placed the dragon saliva fruit on the table and took out another two.

After all the fruit had been placed on the table, those few fellows finally recovered their senses and immediately pounced towards the table. Sounds of fighting could also be heard from time to time.

“Sh*t, what are you fighting for? Everyone has their share and don’t snatch my portion too!”

“Xu Kong you this sh*tty old man that likes to vie with me. Let me tell you, my potential is better than you and after I break through to a higher level than you, let’s see how I lecture you!”

“It’s not confirmed who would be more powerful! You better not be too full of yourself.”

After placing down the dragon saliva fruit, Yun Luofeng turned and left. And so, she did not pay any attention to those fighting sounds.

After they managed to get their hands on the dragon-saliva fruit, they finally noticed Yun Luofeng’s departure. Probably they never expected that they would receive such a generous reward after fighting to take her in as their disciple.

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