Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2067 - Spirit God Continent (3)

Chapter 2067: Spirit God Continent (3)

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Hong Ling was their Governor and they did not have the guts to be rash!

“Governor, you’re mistaken about us. How could we possibly snatch away your dragon saliva fruit? I said that earlier on was only because I wanted our Governor Estate to become stronger. It isn’t due to my selfishness and I request for you to be understanding.

For the Governor Estate? Hong Ling’s heart turned even chillier as his eerie eyes once again swept across those shameless faces before walking into the Estate’s courtyard…

Currently, their intestines turned green from regret. If they hadn’t strongly opposed the eldest young miss back then, perhaps the Governor would not have been so ruthless.

In reality, they had all misunderstood Hong Ling.

Having a beef with them wasn’t because of their strong opposition, because their intentions could be regarded as thinking for the East Governor Estate. However… after Hong Luan’s death, they did not grieve for her death but instead, thought about how to curry favor with Yun Luofeng.

It’s fine if you wanted to curry favor with Yun Luofeng. The problem was how you treated the Yun Family back then! By acting like that right now, aren’t you hypocrites?

Not chasing them out the East Governor Estate was already treating them fairly, so how could he possibly help them increase their strength?

Naturally, Yun Luofeng wouldn’t know these events in the Governor Estate. After she left, she immediately set off to the West Province Academy with Yun Xiao, while Wuyan quietly chased behind their backs.

Within the West Province Academy, Xu Kong was currently lecturing a disciple and chancing upon Yun Luofeng walking in, his eyes immediately brightened.

“Cough cough,” Xue Ying lightly coughed and spoke to the young man who had been lectured until he couldn’t even make a refute. “Wu Fang, leave us.”

“Yes, Elder Xue Ying.” That young man named Wu Fang relaxed and walked out the elder’s office.

Although barely audible, he could hear elder Xu Kong bursting into loud laughter.

“Feng’er, why have you come?”

Wu Fang’s footsteps paused and he looked puzzled. He understood his Master’s personality and when had he ever laugh so carefreely? Furthermore, what background did that woman he called Feng’er have?

“Why?” Xue Ying cast a look of blame at Xu King. “Feng’er can’t return to visit us?”

“No, I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just that our precious disciple has unexpectedly returned and I was too surprised…” Xu Kong rubbed his nose and weakly explained.

Wu Fang who already left the elder’s office had suddenly stopped when he heard elder Xu Kong.


Also the disciple of the various elders? Could it be, she was that matchless genius Yun Luofeng that shook the whole world?

Wu Fang’s heart immediately thumped and he couldn’t suppress his internal excitement.

Oh god, so that genius was really their academy’s disciple and he had even met with her!

He really wished to ask for a signature…

However, as he thought back to his Master’s savage personality, Wu Fang ultimately didn’t have the courage to step into the office once again.

“It’s Feng’er who is more considerate,” Xu Kong suddenly sighed. “Not like that disciple who I just accepted. At that time, I felt that his talent was pretty good. Although he couldn’t be compared to you, who knew that this little brat would be so good at stirring up trouble.”

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