Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2066 - Spirit God Continent (2)

Chapter 2066: Spirit God Continent (2)

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Yun Luofeng glanced at the pale middle-aged man and slowly spoke up, "There's no need to thank me. Hong Luan died for my family and I ought to do everything I can for her! In the future, if the East Province encounters any dangers, you can seek help from the Jun Family!"

"Since Hong Luan died to save my family, then my family will also do their utmost to protect you!"

Probably Hong Ling was still unaware that due to Hong Luan's sacrifice, the East Province would escape from a calamity in the future with the Yun Family's protection.

Since Hong Ling did not require the other two fruits, Yun Luofeng did not force it. She kept the two fruits and she bid farewell to Hong Ling before she left together with Yun Xiao.

Hong Ling quietly stood by the gates and looked at Yun Luofeng departure. He stood there for a long time before he recovered his senses…

"Governor, why did you reject the other two fruits?" an elder spoke in anger.

The chance to increase their strength was right before them, yet Hong Ling had rejected it. How could they not harbor a grudge against him?

"That's right, Governor. You're also aware of the need for our East Governor Estate to increase our strength so why did you reject such a good opportunity? You have to know, that was a fruit that can create a god-level cultivator! With a few more god-level experts appearing in our Estate, wouldn't you benefit too?

The other elder also showed resentment on his face. If the other party weren't the Governor, he would've cursed him to his face. He had seen foolish people before, but not someone foolish to this extent.

Hong Ling retracted his gaze and his eyes as sharp as knives swept across those elders as a mocking smile quirked on his lips.

"Don't forget how you attempted to have Hong Luan chase the Yun Family out when they were staying here in the past! If the Yun Family truly left, do you think she would have left this opportunity for us?"

That elder was instantly silenced. After a long time later, he unhappily said, "However, didn't the Yun Family stay in the end? The eldest young miss even threw her life away for them and we deserved that fruit."

Hong Ling's eyes gradually turned cold. "Firstly, Hong Luan voluntarily sacrificed herself and did not request for any compensation. I, Hong Ling, am not someone who coerces others with a favor. Secondly… the reason why the Yun Family stayed in our place is that Hong Luan had god-level strength, and you were incapable of forcefully chasing them out! If she had the strength of a few years back, would you have allowed the Yun Family to stay?"

All the elders were instantly silenced. What the Governor said was a fact. The reason they didn't chase away the Yun Family was because of the eldest young miss's strength and they did not dare to oppose her. However, if the eldest miss hadn't advanced to god-level due to luck, it would probably have been impossible for the Yun Family to stay…

"Right now, do you have any right to ask for the dragon saliva fruit?" Hong Ling held on to the fruit and looked at these greedy humans expressions before him with a sneer.

Upon noticing their gaze on his hand, the chill in his eyes intensified. "What? You're thinking of cooperating and snatching away the fruit? You're not afraid of the Jun Family's retaliation? After all, this fruit was given to me by Miss Yun."

His words implied that, if they snatched away his fruit and the Jun Family knew, they would never let them off.

As expected… when they heard Hong Ling's words, their mouth twitched and no one dared to snatch the item from Hong Ling's hands. Furthermore…

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