Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2063 - Yun Ruoshui and Wuyan (5)

Chapter 2063: Yun Ruoshui and Wuyan (5)

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Yun Ruoshui was her Second Uncle's daughter and was also part of her family. Even if she hadn't had contact with Shui'er for so many years, she already regarded her as her little sister, so how could she allow others to harm her?

Thinking about his own family, he paused momentarily and answered Yun Luofeng's question. "If Shui'er and I fall in love in the future, I will fight for it."

"What if you fail?" She narrowed her eyes and continued to ask.

"If I fail, I'll come to the Yun Family and be a live-in son-in-law." When he spoke, Wuyan was very determined.

If those people opposed him or forced himself to marry a concubine, then he'd rather abandon everything to accompany her forever.

"Alright, I hope you can keep your promise. If you go back on your words…" The moment she spoke, Yun Xiao coordinated with her and released his aura.

Under the powerful suppressive aura, Wuyan turned pale. His body swayed but he was determined to stand up as his eyes radiated a glint.

"This is my requirement for you. I'm sure you're also aware that Shui'er is my second uncle and aunt's sole daughter. In the future when you wish to marry her, you'll still have to obtain their permission. However, these are all matters in the future and right now, let me undo the restriction on you first."

"Okay." Wuyan's eyes brightened. Indeed, the relationship between him and Shui'er should only be thought about in the future.

Even though he had a favorable impression of Shui'er as of now, it was only so. No one would know how the future developed, right? And so, the matter of vital importance now was the restriction placed on his body.

The restriction in him was more troublesome than expected and in all likelihood, the person who placed the restriction was also very powerful. If it was the Yun Luofeng of the past, she would be incapable of removing the restriction. But as of now, she had already broken through to monarch-god level.

To her, this restriction didn't pose a problem, but even so, she had spent an entire day to remove it…

Next day, early morning.

Stepping out from Yun Luofeng's room, he sensed the spiritual energy within the world and his body felt incomparably comfortable, resulting in a brilliant smile to blossom on his face.

"This time, I'm not sure when I can return after leaving with the eldest miss," Yun Ruoshui's puerile and adorable face surfaced in Wuyan's mind and a smile perked up his lips. "So, I have to bid farewell to her first."

It was easy to locate Yun Ruoshui. From afar, Wuyan spotted Xiao Ruoshui seated at a streamlet while looking bored.

Xiao Ruoshui's arm was propped on the ground while her little feet soaked within the ice-cold stream. Fallen leaves flew down and scattered on her jade-like carved face.

"Shui'er." All of a sudden, a familiar voice sounded from behind her, and caused her to stand up in alarm. She then looked at the young man before her at a loss.

The young man frowned. "It's still cold out and what if you get sick?"

As if she was a child that committed a mistake, Xiao Ruoshui looked repentant. "Brother Wuyan, I'm sorry. I know my mistakes."

Perhaps it was due to Yun Luofeng who had asked about their relationship, he had an urge to kiss her roughly upon looking at the repentant yet adorable little girl.

The young man was shocked by his internal thoughts and hastily turned around in awkwardness, for fear that he would really commit such a beastly act.

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