Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2061 - Yun Ruoshui and Wuyan (3)

Chapter 2061: Yun Ruoshui and Wuyan (3)

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It was indisputable that their potential had become extremely powerful under the nourishment of spirit medicine for all these years. As such, everyone had advanced to reverent-god! By having such strength in the Fengyun Continent, they were considered experts that could dominate the country!

Therefore, Yun Luofeng passed the remaining eleven fruits to Qingyan. "Qingyan, select eleven to consume the fruit. After they've broken through, we'll be leaving…"

After speaking, Yun Luofeng stretched as she revealed a languid and tired expression. "Yun Xiao, let's return to rest."

Yun Xiao then carried her by her waist and walked into their room. As for the following matters, Yun Luofeng had left it to Qingyan as she had complete confidence in her abilities…

"Cousin." Just as Yun Lufoeng entered the room, Xiao Ruoshui's petite head peeped out from the door and her pair of eyes shone. Looking at Yun Luofeng turning, a resplendent smile surface on her puerile face.

"Shui'er, what's the matter?" Looking at Xiao Ruoshui's puerile face, her tone was gentle.

"Cousin, it's brother Wuyan that wanted to meet you and so, I brought him here."

Wuyan? A trace of confusion reflected in her eyes, seemingly not knowing who Xiao Ruoshui referred to.

"Cousin, did you forget? In the Land of No Return when sister Ye Jun and I went looking for you in the Physician Tower, we were abducted. The majority of those children who were also abducted had remained in our Yun Family. Brother Wuyan requested your help back then to undo the restriction placed on his body."

As she heard Xiao Ruoshui's explanation, Yun Luofeng had a vague impression of that person. At that time when she saved Xiao Ruoshui, there was a young man among them. Not only did that young man know of her identity, he knew everything about the Land of No Return. Unfortunately, there was a restriction on his body and so, he couldn't utilize his strength in the slightest.

Following that, the young man requested Yun Luofeng to undo his restriction. Although she agreed back then, she was still incapable of doing so with her prior strength. As such, she had arranged for Wuyan to stay by Xiao Ruoshui's side.

"Ask him to come in." Yun Luofeng silently nodded and said.

Xiao Ruoshui's smile was extremely resplendent. Turning her head, she spoke towards the young man. "Brother Wuyan, my cousin asks you to enter. Rest assured, my cousin is very nice and there's no need to fear her."

When she heard Xiao Ruoshui's words, Yun Luofeng couldn't help but twitch her brows. In other people's point of view, exactly what image did she have? Why did Shui'er think that the young man was afraid of her?

A moment later, a young man in blue robes entered the room. Compared to a few years back, he had shed his childish appearance and appeared more mature in general.

"Miss Yun, do you remember what you promised me back then?" Wuyan's eyes radiated a bright glint as it contained expectation. Yet, it also contained fear, fear that Yun Luofeng would renege on her words.

"I remember," Yun Luofeng looked towards Wuyan. "You've said that you'll be my slave and as repayment, I'll remove the restriction for you! However, I had lacked the strength back then and for convenience, I temporarily arranged you to stay by Ruoshui's side. Right now… I wish for you to follow by my side and obey my commands. Are you willing?"

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