Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2060 - Yun Ruoshui and Wuyan (2)

Chapter 2060: Yun Ruoshui and Wuyan (2)

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"I have thirty dragon saliva fruit left. Other than my five Masters in West Province Academy, I have to leave three for the East Governor Estate people. Therefore, I have twenty-two fruits left."

Although her five Masters in the East Province Academy hadn't taught her anything, they had always regarded her as their disciple and she couldn't possibly forget their grace.

As for the East Governor Estate, no matter what those elders thought, at the very least… Hong Luan had lost her life for the Yun Family and just based on that fact, she would protect them no matter what crisis they encountered, let alone giving them those three dragon saliva fruit.

Xiao Mo innocently blinked his naive and innocent huge eyes and asked, "Master, how do you intend to distribute these twenty-two fruits?"

"Xiao Mo, you and Xiao Bai, Chacha, and Little Tree shall take one fruit each. For the Hamster Tribe, it'll be the Queen, Milk Tea, and Meng Meng. As for the Steel and Raging Flame Corps… Qingyan, Ye Ling, Zhong Ling'er, Ling Fei, the four of you shall take one each."

"In this case, I have eleven left. As for these eleven, Qingyan shall distribute them to people according to their potential! Those who has performed outstandingly over these past years shall be rewarded with one fruit!

Everyone wasn't aware of the effects of the fruit, but they knew that anything Yun Luofeng took out was extremely precious. Therefore, all their expressions contained expectation as they looked at her intently.

"For those who didn't obtain anything, there's no need to be dispirited. There'll be more chances in the future and when the dragon saliva tree bears fruit the second time, I'll leave the opportunity for you."

Once the dragon saliva tree bears fruit once, the second time would come soon. Of course, with the precondition of having Little Bug's urine to nourish the tree…

"Yes, I understand, Young Miss." Qingyan beamed with happiness. Her eyes were curved crescent-shaped and looked extremely adorable.

All these years, she still couldn't change her initial way of addressing and had always called Yun Luofeng as Young Miss. However, Yun Luofeng had changed her over these ten years!

She was only a servant maid of the General Estate and had always been bullied by others. Yet, it was her wholehearted attitude towards Yun Luofeng that allowed her to change her life…

Recalling the past, Qingyan sighed. The former days were similar to smoke, making her feel as if these ten years were all a dream and seemed unreal.

"After obtaining the dragon saliva fruit, head to one side to breakthrough. Yun Yi, be prepared and prevent anyone from getting injured!"

The power of the heavenly lightning was no small matter and many couldn't persist when they were breaking through, resulting in their soul scattering. Therefore, Yun Yi's help was crucial during this period to block the lightning in place of them, so that they could successfully advance.

Everyone was shocked by Yun Luofeng's words. Could it be, consuming this dragon saliva fruit would cause injury? But as they believed in their lord, therefore they swallowed the fruit without hesitation.

It was only till that moment, that they finally understood Yun Luofeng's words…

Heavenly lightning appeared once again as thunder sounds rumbled before fiercely striking down. The houses had all turned to dust under the might of the lightning.

Luckily Yun Yi was present and single-handedly blocked the heavenly lightning. This tall, sturdy and robust body seemed exceptionally bright among the heavenly lightning.

Of course, Yun Luofeng did not let them breakthrough together. Otherwise, if there were too many bolts of lightning, Yun Yi might overlook some.

After waiting for the heavenly lightning to cease, those people who broke through were all flabbergasted, perhaps not understanding their current situation…

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