Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2057 - Various Faction’s Shock (5)

Chapter 2057: Various Faction's Shock (5)

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Everyone was stunned when they heard her.

What Yun Luofeng meant was… they also had a chance to obtain this dragon saliva fruit?

Compared to other people's excitement, Yun Qingya revealed a frown. Perhaps due to the unforeseen events in recent days, it made him even more determined.

"Feng'er would our fighting strength be weakened if we used the fruit to breakthrough?" As if afraid of Yun Luofeng not understanding his meaning, he continued to explain. "For example, as Grandfather used the fruit to breakthrough to god-level, would it result in him becoming the weakest of the same rank due to using external influence to advance?"

If so, he would rather not consume the fruit… However, Yun Luofeng's following words had dispelled his doubts.

"Second Uncle, you can rest assured that there's not much difference in your strength by using the fruit and to breakthrough normally via battles. The only shortcoming would be, you wouldn't advance no matter how you train in the future as your potential had been completely unleashed.

Her words caused Yun Qingya to relax as a faint smile quirked on his handsome face.

"I wish to consume the fruit."

Actually, Yun Luofeng could more or less guess everyone's choice.

Right now was the time they needed strength. Only with sufficient strength could they prevent another tragedy from occurring!

Yun Qingya's innate potential was very strong, but so what? He was willing to work hard, but the spiritual energy in the Seven Province Continent prevented him from breaking through to god-level!

Facing a huge faction like the Qin Family, they were powerless to resist…

However, with the dragon saliva fruit, it was different! Even if Yun Luofeng weren't by their side, they could still safeguard their family! As such, after Yun Qingya made his choice, the others also made theirs.

"Cousin," Yun Ruoshui's crystal-clear eyes were filled with hope, "I also wish to consume this fruit. Would it be possible?"

Just as Yun Luofeng wanted to agree to Yun Ruoshui's request, Bi Xiao's voice sounded in her mind.

"Master, Yun Ruoshui is too young and cannot bear the fruit's energy. She can only consume it after she's of age."

Hearing Bi Xiao's explanation, Yun Luofeng's eyes became gentler as she gently stroked Yun Ruoshui's head. "Shui'er, the power of this fruit is too much for you to bear and you're still too young. However, I'll reserve one for you to consume after you're of age."

Yun Ruoshui was disappointed but after hearing Yun Luofeng's last sentence, her eyes brightened.

"Alright, Shui'er is very obedient. Shui'er shall consume the fruit after she's an adult."

After consoling Yun Ruoshui, Yun Luofeng handed out the fruit to everyone one by one, except for Bai Ling! She was already a monarch-god and the fruit was useless to her. Even if she had the innate potential to advance to true-god, the fruit couldn't help her breakthrough…

"Eh?" Mu Dong was somewhat surprised. Looking at the dragon saliva fruit placed before him, he blinked his eyes. "There's also my share?"

"You're Grandfather Jun's friend and you've also chosen to stand on our side during a crucial moment. I will never treat my people unfairly."

A smile blossomed on her face while she spoke with force. Instantly, it caused Mu Dong's heart to tremble. In reality, he wasn't of any help that day in the Saintly Virgin Tribe. At the very most, he was merely prepared to fight against the Qin Family.

However… if he acted as such after knowing of Yun Luofeng's strength, perhaps his actions would seem to be currying favor with her.

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