Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2056 - Various Faction’s Shock (4)

Chapter 2056: Various Faction's Shock (4)

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"I'll take it." Huohuo did not hesitate. "True-god isn't that easily attainable, and I don't wish to become some true god! I'm willing to consume this fruit."

"Alright." Yun Luofeng passed the fruit to Huohuo. "Then you can eat it right now."

Huohuo nodded without hesitation and ate the fruit. Her potential could be considered as impressive and with the help of the dragon saliva fruit, both she and Bi Xiao broke through to reverent-god level.

"Yun Xiao, help me harvest all the fruit on the tree. Right now, I'll help the Yun Family and the Jun Family raise their strength!"

Unfortunately, Jun Fengling and Ye Jingchen weren't here… Otherwise, perhaps they could break through to monarch-god with their talents.

Upon leaving the God Code World, Yun Luofeng sent Huohuo to inform everyone to await her in the hall. After giving orders, she and Yun Xiao slowly walked towards the hall.

Currently, the hall was bustling with activity. Jun Lingtian and old man Yun were in a conversation with lamenting expressions on their faces. Spotting the handsome man and beautiful woman walking over, the entire hall suddenly quietened down.

"Feng'er, Xiao'er, you're here?" Jun Lingtian revealed a smile as his eyes radiated gentleness. "Wanting to meet us so urgently, is there something you want to discuss?"

Yun Luofeng shrugged her shoulders and looked at Yun Luo while smiling. "Grandfather, a seedling that I've recently cultivated has borne fruit. I intended to let you have a taste of it."

My own granddaughter cultivated a seedling?

Old man Yun's eyes immediately brightened. To him, anything that his granddaughter brought out had never been lacking. Therefore, when Yun Luofeng extended her hands, old man Yun had basically pounced over like a hungry wolf. Without asking about the fruit's effect, he immediately bit into the fruit.

The fruit was very fragrant as the juice flowed into his mouth.

Old man Yun smacked his lips before swallowing the fruit without hesitation. He had a contented expression. "This fruit tastes good. Do you have any more? Give me a few more."

Unexpectedly, an advancement storm emerged prominently with a bang, causing everyone to be shocked…

This storm continued and didn't stop even after advancing to sage-lord level, advance rank. As a result, he directly broke through to god-level!

That's right, old man Yun advanced to god-level!

This knowledge caused him to be shocked silly. He couldn't make head or tails of the situation as he stared foolishly at Yun Luofeng. Others also couldn't stay seated as they all stood up.

Jun Lingtian couldn't even form coherent sentences due to the excitement. "This… god-level? Old man Yun broke through to god-level? That's right, it's god-level…"

God-level? What exactly happened?

Old man Yun's innate talent wasn't powerful nor weak. Although his strength was weak in the past, that was because he grew up in a backward place like the Longxiao Continent. Coupled with his age, he had lacked the determination to continue training.

If his birthplace was in the Fengyun Continent, then the highest level he could reach was god-level!

It was precisely due to the backward Longxiao Continent that prevented his innate potential from being revealed.

"This is a dragon saliva fruit and its effects can allow unleashing of your potential without limit. It'll depend on your innate potential to be able to break through to which level!" Yun Luofeng smiled. "However, the consequence will be the inability to break through further for the rest of your life. Therefore, it'll be your decision to consume the fruit or not.

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