Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2055 - Various Faction’s Shock (3)

Chapter 2055: Various Faction's Shock (3)

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Thinking of this, a pleasant surprise surfaced on her face.

Noticing her happy expression, he asked, "What's going on?"

"The Dragon Saliva Tree has finally borne fruit. Yun Xiao, let's make a trip to the God Code World!"

Within the God Code World, there were only Huohuo and Little Bug watching by one side, other than Hong Luan's corpse. Chacha couldn't stay still and had gone outside with Little Tree to play about. The hamster tribe was also not in the God Code World. As for Xiao Mo, he went on a date with Lin Ruobai and threw the task of watching the Dragon Saliva Tree to Huohuo while he happily enjoyed himself.

The instant Yun Luofeng entered the space, she noticed a huge towering tree. Above the tree, the vermillion-colored fruits appeared plump, tender, and appetizing.

"Master." Bi Xiao appeared behind Yun Luofeng and her eyes were filled with hope while looking at the Dragon Saliva Tree. "Can you give me a single fruit to consume? If I consume this fruit, perhaps I might have the ability to appear in a human form, similar to Little Tree."

Yun Luofeng glanced at Bi Xiao and nodded. She then plucked a fruit and threw to Bi Xiao.

"Consume this fruit, then tell me the effects." Bi Xiao looked joyous as disbelief flooded her eyes. She merely casually requested for it and never expected Yun Luofeng would really give her one.

This was a treasured item everyone fought over in the past thousand over years!

Bi Xiao hastily consumed the fruit and immediately after, an advancement storm appeared on her.

As the life tree, her only use was to grow life fruit for others to consume. Furthermore, her strength was unrivaled inside the life tree! However, this didn't account for much. In the outside world, Bi Xiao wasn't powerful or capable of high damage. She would be considered as the weakest one under Yun Luofeng.

Yet, after consuming the dragon saliva fruit, her strength rose in flying speed and only stopped after reaching reverent-god level.

Yun Luofeng was stunned. A single dragon fruit had such properties? To allow Bi Xiao to instantly breakthrough to reverent-god?

"Master, I think I have a general idea about this dragon saliva fruit's uses." Bi Xiao's eyes were filled with joy and only stabilized after a long time. Looking at Yun Luofeng she said, "The fruit's uses is to unleash a human's potential without limit. However, the aftermath would be the inability to cultivate throughout their life.

That was to say, after consuming the fruit, Bi Xiao wouldn't have any additional breakthrough for the rest of her life after becoming a reverent-god. Even so, the effects of this dragon fruit tree were very powerful!

It could unleash one's potential to the fullest and that meant that Bi Xiao could only breakthrough to reverent-god level in her whole life. Even without consuming the dragon saliva fruit, she could only advance to reverent-god! Therefore, the fruit did not pose many detrimental effects and only beneficial effects!

"Oh, that's right." Seemingly thinking of something, she said, "There's a limit for this fruit. Regardless of your potential, you can only advance to monarch-god level at most. It's impossible to break through to true-god with the fruit."

Originally, Yun Luofeng intended for Yun Xiao to consume the fruit. With Yun Xiao's talents, advancing to true-god was something that was bound to happen. However, Bi Xiao's words were similar to a bucket of cold water being poured on her, causing her to calm down.

"Huohuo, think it through whether you want to consume this fruit."

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