Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2054 - Various Faction’s Shock (2)

Chapter 2054: Various Faction's Shock (2)

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The man's expression was ashen as he had never been humiliated this way. In particular, the other side was a bodyguard! However, that guard was a Jun Family subordinate and also under the wings of Yun Luofeng. No matter how discontented he was, he could only bear with it!

"Can't you…"


Before this man finished speaking, a stern and grave figure came out. Yun Yi's sturdy muscles radiated a dazzling light under the sunlight and his body stood perfectly straight outside the door. His pair of unfeeling eyes then coldly swept across everyone present.

"Anyone who dares to stop here will be killed without exception!"

Following the words 'killed without exception', Yun Yi's aura spread out while revealing killing intent. Just a glance at his eyes would cause them to be frightened witless as if their heart had been clutched tight and were incapable of breathing.

"Get lost!" After he spoke, the crowd didn't dare to linger. They scattered like birds and disappeared, seemingly afraid that they would be killed by this terrifying man if they were a second late.

Yun Yi turned towards the guard and expressionlessly ordered, "My Master is resting and no one is allowed to disturb her. If anyone dares to come and bother my Master, kill without exception!"

The Jun Family's guards knew of Yun Yi's strength and naturally wouldn't disobey his orders. More importantly, he was already unhappy looking at those opportunists.

If it weren't because of the Jun Family's rule of not allowing them to casually injure others, he would've beaten them up earlier on! However, it was different now with Yun Yi's orders… Thinking of this, the guard's eyes brightened.

Jun Family.

Above the rock mountain, Yun Luofeng was lazily leaning in Yun Xiao's embrace as she gazed at the sun.

"Yun Xiao, I've always been fighting all these years and tranquil times like this are few and far between." Her hand gently stroked her slightly bulging belly as she revealed a smile.

Such tranquil times were too few and perhaps only after she settled all her enemies could she completely relax.

"I'm here to accompany you." No matter it's to fight or to live in seclusion, I'll accompany you without separating!

Yun Luofeng quirked her brow as she faintly smiled and said, "There's also our child…"

Yun Xiao frowned. "It's fine with me by your side."

He did not wish to have his son disrupt their time together after he was born.

"What about him?"

"We can conceive another daughter to accompany him in the future. Or he can find his own wife…"

In any case, it's fine if he doesn't bother my Feng'er.

Yun Luofeng's brows twitched. If her unborn child knew of this, he would definitely make a big fuss… Before he was even born, he had been disliked by his father!

Of course, Yun Xiao didn't dislike this child. Instead, in the future when their child grows up, he'll certainly have his own life! At that time, he only wished to be alone with his wife and didn't want their children to pester Feng'er every day…

"Master." Just then, Huohuo's excited voice sounded within her soul. "Master, Master, the Dragon Saliva Tree bore fruit!"

The Dragon Saliva Tree was a congratulatory gift Chen Yuqing had given them in the past. This tree was very unique and required a dragon's urine to grow. With Little Bug's constant efforts, the tree had finally borne fruit.

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