Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2053 - Various Faction’s Shock (1)

Chapter 2053: Various Faction's Shock (1)

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Yet very soon, another piece of news arrived… Reportedly, those Qin Family's experts that intruded into the Saintly Virgin Tribe had perished there. Yun Luofeng had even tied their corpses outside of the East Province City gates for everyone's viewing…

This news had scared everyone as they never expected this kind of ending. Among them, the South Province's Governor was the most frightened.

Previously when the East Province came asking for help, they had kicked them out! The meaning behind their actions was to inform those Qin Family experts that they were unrelated to them. In his opinion, Yun Luofeng couldn't win against the Qin Family!

However, what's with the current situation? All the Qin Family experts are dead? And there are even more powerful experts under Yun Luofeng?

"Governor!" The elder who came up with the idea was also frightened by this news as he spoke timidly, "What should we do now?"

"What else can we do? If it weren't for your idea, I wouldn't have offended that woman Yun Luofeng!" The South Governor's expression was very unsightly. Suddenly, he clenched his teeth and said, "Immediately retrieve our heirloom and send men to the Saintly Virgin Tribe to apologize."

"Yes, Governor!" Right now, this was only the viable method to ease both side's relations. Other than the South Province's Governor, other factions had also thought of this method as they sent their men to the Saintly Virgin Tribe at once.

However, when they arrived there, Yun Luofeng and company had returned to the Jun Family. Therefore, they had made this trip in vain! Even so, they weren't discouraged as they rushed to the Jun Family after that…

At this moment outside the Jun Family, it was a hubbub as everyone was sticking out their head to look around. Yet, none of them dare to forcefully enter the Jun Family. The Jun Family's guards were similar to door gods, as they blocked before everyone like an unmovable mountain, with grim and stern expressions.

"Miss Yun passed on an order. Regardless who requests a meeting, everyone is rejected without exception!"

Facing the unreasonable Jun Family's guards, no one dared to resist. "We brought priceless gifts to request for a meeting with Miss Yun, to apologize for our previous mistakes. Could you be flexible and let us in?"

Apologize? The Jun Family's guard sneered.

When the Jun Family required help, where did they disappear to? Now that Yun Luofeng returned and even massacred the Qin Family's experts as an example, these people have all suddenly reappeared?

Wanting to get benefits by not facing dangers? Would there be something so good in this world?

"With Miss Yun's identity, would she care for your gifts? Hurry up and get lost!"

Everyone's expression stiffened. Indeed, she might not look upon their meeting gifts with her status, but they were the most priceless treasures they could take out…

"Everyone," A man slowly went up and cupped his fists. "I'm from the South Province and the Governor tasked me to offer our heirloom. Furthermore, the South Province is willing to obey Miss Yun in the future."

The South Province's Governor was finally smart for once.

To get rid of Yun Luofeng's ill-feelings towards them, perhaps this was the only feasible method. And that was, to be her slave forever…

Unfortunately… he attached too much importance to himself. Yun Luofeng has monarch-gods as her subordinates so how could she possibly care about a small South Province?

As expected, after hearing his words, that guard sneered, "What do you think you are? In the past, didn't you run the fastest? When the East Province asked for help, weren't they beaten and chased out by you? Now you want to become Miss Yun's slave? In your dreams!"

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