Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2052 - Bai Ling Breaking Through (6)

Chapter 2052: Bai Ling Breaking Through (6)

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Qi Ling continued, "In this word, a true-god has yet to appear and so monarch-gods are the most powerful existences!"


Everyone sucked in cold air.

So it turns out, Yun Yi had become so powerful? Even Bai Ling… had broken through to a monarch-god?

"En? Mis Yun has yet to tell you about this?" Qi Su was somewhat shocked. "Yun Yi, Little Bug has all reached monarch-god. Although young master Yun Xiao is also a monarch-god, frankly speaking, even Yun Yi and Little Bug together wouldn't necessarily be his opponent. It could be said that young master Yun Xiao is an unequaled existence."

"Oh, there's also Miss Yun. Even though she's only a reverent-god right now, her strength is comparable with a monarch-god. Previously she had already defeated a monarch-god expert!"

Even though Lang Xinyue fell into Yun Xiao's trap, everyone back then could see that Lang Xinyue wasn't Yun Luofeng's opponent! Therefore, it wasn't wrong to say that she was comparable to a monarch-god.

Old man Yun's felt somewhat giddy. Earlier on, he intended to sacrifice himself for Yun Luofeng to escape, but who knew that his granddaughter strength could rival against the strongest in the Continent?

This… the pleasant surprise came too fast, and some hadn't managed to react.

Just as everyone was caught up in astonishment, Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao walked over, while Bai Ling stood by her side. The smiling intent in her eyes had instantly disappeared upon witnessing the scene before her…

Yun Luofeng saw the blood on old man Yun in a glance and her face darkened. "What happened? Grandfather, why are you injured?"

After asking, she turned her sight towards those experts of Qin Family…

Qin Yuan had indeed escaped, but everyone else was left behind. Thus, it was expected that they shouldered Yun Luofeng's fury.

"Did you injure my family?" A sinister and eerie smile hung on her lips as killing intent gradually surged forth.

The Qin Family troops could only smile bitterly.

They were lead here by Qin Yuan but he escaped and left them behind?

This time, not only would their skeletons be destroyed, probably… even their deaths wouldn't be painless!

"Yun Yi!" Yun Luofeng ordered, "Hack them to death and hang their corpses outside the East Province Gates after their death. Have them face the East Governor Estate and repent forever for Hong Luan's death!"

Not only did they harm old man Yun and others, but more importantly, they caused the death of Hong Luan! From the start, she had sworn to offer their souls to Hong Luan!

All their expressions changed. It was fine if they died, but they had to be humiliated by her even after death? This was something no one was willing to endure!

Looking at their flustered faces, the sneer on Yun Luofeng's face deepened, "Since you dared to kill my friend and invade the Yun Family, then you must pay for it!"

At this very moment, Yun Yi had walked to their front. Facing a monarch-god like Yun Yi, they were completely incapable of resisting…

Since Yun Luofeng returned, the various factions in the Continent had dispatched their spies to the Saintly Virgin Tribe, wanting to know of their every move. Therefore, the news of the Qin Family dispatching experts to slaughter into the Saintly Virgin Tribe couldn't be concealed from the various factions. After hearing this news, there was only one reaction in their hearts. Yun Luofeng would die without a doubt!

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