Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2051 - Bai Ling Breaking Through (5)

Chapter 2051: Bai Ling Breaking Through (5)

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Although they didn't know what a monarch-god level expert represented, they could make out from Qin Yuan's expression that a monarch-god level expert was stronger than him.

"Yun Yi, you…" Old man Yun stroked his chest and eased his breathing. He even used a gentle tone to ask, "When did you breakthrough to monarch-god level?"

He suddenly reacted after asking the question.

Yun Yi was only a puppet so how could he possibly speak?

Yet, the scene that happened shortly shocked old man Yun…

"I'm not sure of the specifics, I only know I broke through after consuming a few heavenly bolts of lightning." Yun Yi scratched his head and his previous grave and stern appearance changed. "However, lightning tastes good and I hope to have a few more."

Old man Yun's mouth twitched and sounds of sucking in cold breath could be heard. As a puppet, Yun Yi actually had his own thoughts. This… what did this mean? It meant that Yun Luofeng was already capable of creating a human!

However… breaking through after eating a few heavenly lightning bolts? And even hopes to have another taste? What did he mean? Does he think that heavenly lightning was controlled by his family?

"Retreat!" Qin Yuan gnashed his teeth and ordered. Just as he wanted to turn and retreat, an explosion suddenly sounded from not far away.

Shortly after, heavenly tribulation lightning appeared…

Seeing that, Yun Yi's eyes immediately brightened. He released a low roar and hastily flew towards the lightning. His expression was as if he saw a delicacy and couldn't resist the temptation.

In fact, the bolts of lightning were a delicacy for Yun Yi as it could provide nourishment for his body…

Of course, right now Yun Yi's strength was at the monarch-god level and next would be the true-god level. Nonetheless, the true-god level wasn't that easy to reach and no matter how many heavenly lightning he consumed, he wouldn't advance to a true-god!

However… other than making a breakthrough, the lightning could temper his body, causing it to become more robust and this was a benefit that was hard to come by!

Qin Yuan's legs went soft as his body trembled. "Monarch-god level. It's another monarch-god level expert!"

Oh god! What kind of monsters does Yun Luofeng have by her side?

Even their Qin Family with numerous years of history only had a single monarch-god expert…

Qin Yuan no longer cared for the others. Taking advantage of the fact that everyone's sight was on the heavenly lightning, he turned around with intentions of escaping.

Spotting that Qin Yuan was about to escape, Qi Su immediately shouted. "Block his path!"

Instantly, all the reverent-god level experts moved and shot towards Qin Yuan. However, just as they were about to reach him, Qin Yuan disappeared into thin air…

That's right, he had disappeared and no one knew how he achieved that!

"Tsk, we allowed that bastard to escape!" Qi Ling was somewhat vexed. If they could capture him, perhaps they would have a hope to enter the Spirit God Continent…

Qi Su pursed his lips without speaking as his eyes were filled with fury and his handsome face became grave and stern.

"This…" Lin Ruobai blinked her eyes, "Can I ask, what is a monarch-god?"

She overheard from the Qin Family men that Yun Yi was a monarch-god. And now, her Master's mother had broken through to a monarch-god. Yet, she wasn't aware of the concept of a monarch-god.

Qi Su glanced at Lin Ruobai and patiently explained. "Above god-level would be heavenly-god level, followed by reverent-god level! That guy's strength is at the reverent-god level. As for the monarch-god level, it's beneath a true-god and above reverent-god!"

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