Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2049 - Bai Ling Breaking Through (3)

Chapter 2049: Bai Ling Breaking Through (3)

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These people were too strong and they were powerless to oppose them…

Old man Yun tightly clenched his fists as he felt powerless.

“Qingya, lift me up.” Seemingly making a decision, he stood up with the help of Yun Qingya. His footsteps staggered and swayed. “So what if your Qin Family is powerful? After killing me now, my granddaughter will avenge me one day, Haha! At that time, not only the Qin Family, the entire Spirit God Continent will suffer a calamity!”

Old man Yun clenched his teeth and made this speech while a glimmer shot out from his eyes.

That’s right. He was prepared to die!

All these years, it wasn’t easy for Yun Luofeng to have reached her current strength and as her grandfather, he had never once helped her…

She had endured so many hardships and since he was incapable of providing help, then why be a burden? Even if he died, he would never allow the Qin Family to use him and threaten his granddaughter!

“You’re intending to force my hand and end your life?” Qin Yuan evidently knew of old man Yun’s intention and sneered, “Don’t be anxious. In any case, all of you will die, sooner or later!”

After speaking, Qin Yuan slowly lifted his hand and released a command. “Everyone, attack! However, don’t end their lives just yet and it’s fine to cripple them. I’ll like to see how long Yun Luofeng can continue hiding!”

“Yes, young master!” When orders were given, his men dived down and the entire Saintly Virgin Tribe was in a state of battle.

Of course, the situation was one-sided!

Even the weakest from the Qin Family were of god-level cultivation so how could people from the Seven Province Continent be their opponent? Therefore, only sounds of wailing could be heard throughout the Saintly Virgin Tribe…


At this very moment, a dragon and phoenix cry sounded from the skies and upon looking up, they saw the Dragon and Phoenix Clan bringing reinforcements.

The leaders of the tribes had appeared during their wedding back then, and waving their hands, their followers had joined in the battle.

Qin Yuan sneered. They were only an ordinary Dragon Tribe and not those ancient dragon tribes from the Spirit God Continent. So how could they withstand the Qin Family’s experts? They were simply dreaming! Therefore, Qin Yuan did not regard them of importance. Just as he was looking away he suddenly noticed a group of humans standing on their backs.

Qin Yuan was momentarily distracted. Before he managed to recover his senses, one of the handsome young men brandished his sword and the god-level experts of Qin Family who were extremely fierce earlier on had been struck.

Instantly, their skin burst open and they dropped from the skies. Everyone fighting was struck dumb and some were staring dumbfounded at the strangers who came to help.

“Qi Ling, shall we compete to see if the Liufeng Kingdom’s experts or your Tianqi Kingdom’s experts are more powerful?” The handsome young man smiled and turned to look at the man standing on the dragon while provoking him.

That man heartily laughed. “Great idea! Let’s compete to see which side is more powerful. The winning one will become Miss Yun’s assistant and the other can’t have any objections!”

“Sure, then let’s begin the competition now!” The young man’s smile appeared premature, but his aura was very strong. While riding on the phoenix, he seemed even more elegant.

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