Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2048 - Bai Ling Breaking Through (2)

Chapter 2048: Bai Ling Breaking Through (2)

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"I am!" Old man Yun walked out without caring about those trying to hold him back.

The old man looked fearless with both his hands held behind his back while having a serious and proud expression.

"Trashes like you are only capable of relying on your Spirit God Continent's advantage to bully us. If you have the capability, then kill me! What are you considered as by using us to threaten our granddaughter?"

Old man Yun had long exploded from rage. In particular, the Qin Family had killed Hong Luan. Such a good lady like Hong Luan had died in the hand of these trashes so how could he be polite with them? If it weren't for those trashes standing too far away he would've spat on them.

Qin Yuan narrowed his eyes as killing intent gushed forth. However, he realized old man Yun's plot and restrained his killing aura.

"It seems like Yun Luofeng is merely so-so. Cowardly and timid. Hiding in this Saintly Virgin Tribe and lacking the courage to come out. Even when her family member's lives are in danger, she's completely indifferent about it. Is someone like her worth your protection?"

Lin Ruobai released a loud wail and pounced towards Qin Yuan.

Her petite face became flushed red due to anger. "I won't allow you to humiliate my Master!"

"Lord Ruobai!" The expression of the Saintly Virgin Tribeswomen changed drastically. They wanted to stop Lin Ruobai but they were too late as she had arrived before Qin Yuan…


Raising his leg, he fiercely kicked towards Lin Ruobai's chest, causing her to crash down from the sky. Feeling her whole body falling apart, she couldn't even get up due to the pain.

Qin Yuan flung his sleeves and said expressionlessly. "If it weren't for your resemblance to her, I would've ended your life with that kick!"

Lin Ruobai pressed her chest as her furious eyes glared at Qin Yuan. If expressions could kill, Qin Yuan would probably be killed over a million times by her.

"Lord Ruobai!" The tribesman hastily ran to Lin Ruobai's side and lifted her up with heartache on their faces. Lin Ruobai was their Saintly Virgin Tribe's successor and the last descendant left behind by their leader. If she was kicked to death, what would happen to them?

Lin Ruobai stayed silent as her petite figure trembled from anger and her expression was unsightly. Old man Yun tightly clenched his fist. Hong Luan had died for them and these people before him were in a dangerous situation due to the Yun Family. How could he be aloof in this situation?

"Enough!" He loudly shouted as his reddened eyes turned towards those experts in the skies. "The person you're aiming for is my granddaughter, As Feng'er's grandfather, I ought to bear all the danger for her. I only wish for you to let these innocent people off."

The man coldly snorted."If Yun Luofeng doesn't appear, everyone here today will have to die. Of course, you'll be the first!"

After speaking, the man raised his hand and a sharp wind sliced down. Before old man Yun managed to react, he felt his chest hurting as fresh blood flowed out, dying his robes red.

"Father!" Yun Qingya and Ning Xin's expression changed while they hastily ran to old man Yun's side. They then took out a stalk of spirit medicine to feed him.

Old man Yun's breathing was very feeble but at least, it was stable. Yet, his face seemed extremely white under the sun while his lips trembled…

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