Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2047 - Bai Ling Breaking Through (1)

Chapter 2047: Bai Ling Breaking Through (1)

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Bai Ling was already waiting for Yun Luofeng in the room and upon seeing two of them entering, a faint smile quirked on her gorgeous face.

"Feng'er, Xiao'er, you're here."

Yun Luofeng nodded. "Today is the last day for your detoxification. After today, the poison in your body will be completely neutralized. However, I've sensed that you're on the edge of breaking through and if you make use of this chance, perhaps you can reach monarch-god level."

A trace of surprise flashed through Bai Ling's eyes. Being able to neutralize the poison was already out of her expectations. Never once did she imagine that she could break through to monarch-god level!

"Yun Xiao," Yun Luofeng turned and looked at Yun Xiao, "Help me. To assist my mother in breaking through, it requires two monarch-god level experts to provide assistance by her side.

Yun Yi had been dispatched to Fengyun Continent and the only two monarch-god level cultivators by her side were only Little Bug and Yun Xiao…

The treatment this time around did not end as soon as before, and Yun Luofeng had been cooped up in the room for several days.

However, Yun Luofeng wasn't aware that the Qin Family had once again sent troops during these few days while she was treating Bai Ling. This time, they clearly called for the Saintly Virgin Tribe and Jun Family to handover Yun Luofeng!

On a mountain reaching through the clouds where the Saintly Virgin Tribe was located, the entire sky was dark and gloomy. Countless men wielding swords stood among the skies and were even more densely packed than those dark clouds!

The leader was a handsome man with an arrogant appearance.

"It's him!" The grey-robed elder of the Saintly Virgin Tribe recognized this man in a glance and became emotionally excited as her eyes were filled with fury and hatred, "He was the one who took away our tribe leader back then!"

"You're saying that this bastard took away my mother?" Lin Ruobai's breathing became irregular due to anger, while her doll-like face was radiating flames of fury.

The man swept his gaze beneath him and upon spotting Lin Ruobai's delicate and adorable appearance, he was astonished but regained his calm very soon.

"Hand over Yun Luofeng or else our Qin Family will certainly destroy your Saintly Virgin Tribe!" The man slightly raised his head as he spoke in an overbearing tone.

He never expected that someone in this god-forsaken place was capable of killing a heavenly-god level cultivator. Thus, he was compelled by the circumstances to personally make a trip here!

"In your dreams!" Jun Lingtian stepped out with his chest stuck out. "You'll have to step over my old bones to touch my granddaughter!"

Other people also stepped out in succession. In the face of the terrifying enemies in the skies, none of them had cowered, with the sole reason that there was someone they wanted to protect in this Saintly Virgin Tribe…

"It seems like that woman Yun Luofeng did return." The graceful man gently laughed and his laughter was filled with contempt and mocking. "Since she's being an ostrich, then I'll have to force her out!"

Qin Yuan's eyes swept across everyone and upon raising his hand, a powerful energy struck down with a bang. Old man Jun's body was suddenly sent flying as blood rained down from the skies.

However… Qin Yuan did not end his life. He only wanted to torture them so that he could force Yun Luofeng to reveal herself! If he killed them, wouldn't that be uninteresting?

"Who is in Yun Luofeng's family?" Qin Yuan smirked as he scanned across the crowd.

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