Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2046 - Method to Resurrect Hong Luan (4)

Chapter 2046: Method to Resurrect Hong Luan (4)

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Yun Luofeng's eyes dimmed. She was indeed late in her return. Otherwise, Hong Luan wouldn't have died.

"However, if you are sufficiently strong enough in the future, you can directly pull her back from the netherworld! At that time you'll be able to resurrect her. However, the precondition is that her soul hasn't been extinguished, else it's impossible to revive her no matter how powerful you are!

"According to your explanation, would I be able to resurrect my father when I'm strong enough?"

Yun Luofeng had questioned the old man regarding Bai Ling and Yun Yang's matters. Yun Yang was indeed dead and his corpse was intact at that time, allowing the old man to identify him at first glance.

As for Bai Ling… There was a female corpse within Yun Family's ancestral tomb but the corpse was beyond recognition. As her figure was somewhat similar to Bai Ling and coincidentally laid not far from Yun Yang's body, the old man Yun had assumed the female corpse to be Bai Ling. It wasn't until now that he knew that it was a mistake. Nonetheless, Yun Yang was definitely dead!

Xiao Mo glanced at Yun Luofeng and shook his head. "I asked you to preserve Hong Luan's corpse because there's some chance of resurrecting her. However, Yun Yang's corpse has turned to dust and you can't resurrect him."

"What about reincarnation via seizing another's body?" Yun Luofeng questioned.

"Impossible," Xiao Mo helplessly replied, "The preconditions are too harsh. You coincidentally encountered a suitable corpse that matched your soul by chance, allowing you to be reincarnated to this Continent. If the conditions aren't suitable it's almost impossible, and even if it succeeded it'll cause a backlash and the soul might even scatter!"

Yun Luofeng gently sighed. It seemed like it was truly impossible to revive Yun Yang.

"Master, did you know there's the existence of the netherworld in this world?" Xiao Mo continued speaking, "Don't ask me how to go there, but I can tell you that only souls can enter the netherworld. Once your physical body approaches, it'll disappear and you'll only know the road there when you pass away. Living humans won't know of the path and souls of the netherworld aren't allowed out.

Xiao Mo noticed Yun Luofeng's darkened expression and continued speaking, "However, what they don't know is that while souls in the netherworld aren't capable of leaving in a normal situation, there's a method to leave. That is, if they can break through to the monarch-god level, they can occasionally travel to the Continent!"

"Monarch-level?" Yun Luofeng quirked her brow and asked.

Xiao Mo nodded. "Don't assume it's easy to attain monarch-god level. The netherworld is extremely unsuitable for cultivating. The conditions to break through are much harsher than the outside world. Unless you obtain a stroke of luck, you'll probably never break through in your entire life."

Yun Luofeng no longer continued asking as she slowly stood up and said, "The matter of vital importance now is to clear the poison in my Mother's system. Today, it'll be the last day for the detoxification…"

Furthermore, her breakthrough was also imminent.

Yun Luofeng glanced at the red-robed lady and her voice contained an unquestionable determination. "Hong Luan, even if there's only one percent chance, I will also resurrect you! I will never, never let you wander around the ice-cold netherworld alone…"

After speaking, she no longer lingered around as her sight shifted away from Hong Luan. In the next moment, her white silhouette suddenly disappeared among the green pasture…

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