Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2045 - Method to Resurrect Hong Luan (3)

Chapter 2045: Method to Resurrect Hong Luan (3)

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Yun Luofeng did not reply and Mu Dong waited in silence. After a long time, she finally spoke. "Now that you're here, I'll inform you about my plans. I will certainly return this grudge of the Qin Family killing Hong Luan! Even if I exhaust everything, I will use their lives as compensation for her death!"

Perhaps understanding Yun Luofeng's internal thoughts, Huang Yingying was respectful. "From the moment you saved me, I was your maid. No matter what you intend to do, I will lead the Witchcraft Clan and stand by your side."

Mu Dong also smiled. "Isn't it just a Spirit God Continent? I've lived for a long time and to me, life and death aren't so important anymore. Feng'er, no matter what you intend to do, we will always be your backing!"

In the face of their honest thoughts, Yun Luofeng's eyes contained a bright glimmer.

"Alright! Then right now, I shall declare to everyone under heavens that I, Yun Luofeng will be waging war with the Spirit God Continent!" She revealed her aggressiveness and said with a chilly voice. "In addition, Huang Yingying, go and invite all the factions within the Seven Province Continent and I'd like to see how many are willing to fight alongside me!"

"Yes, I understand." Huang Yingying answered deferentially.

There were many factions in the Seven Province Continent and other than the few main Provinces, there were also huge sects, and they were a huge force to be reckoned with when united.

Furthermore, there was no lack of existences that could rival the Witchcraft Clan and the respective Governor Estates.

Mu Dong glanced at Yun Luofeng as his eyes contained complicated feelings. He was also an experienced person, so how could he not know Yun Luofeng's true motive? She merely wanted to make use of this chance to know which factions stood by her side, so that she could make a decision.

Following Yun Luofeng's departure, Huang Yingying immediately went to carry out her orders.

Not long later, those elders from the West Province had rushed over in succession and even the little lolita Ji Fei that was saved by Yun Luofeng had come together with An Zihao along with the Ji Family's men.

As for Hu Li, there was no need to be concerned about his choice. He had already sold himself to Yun Luofeng for ten years and obviously, he couldn't be uncommitted during such a crisis.

Other than that, no one else had come. After all, the enemy Yun Luofeng was facing wasn't an ordinary one. They were experts from the Spirit God Continent and how could they compare against them? Therefore, the other factions naturally didn't send any reinforcements.

Within an unadorned room, Yun Luofeng sat cross-legged on the bed with her eyes closed, while her soul had entered the God Code Space…

Under the azure blue skies, the green grasses seemed exceptionally lush.

A red-robed lady's body was laid on the ground with her hands across her chest. With a serene and peaceful expression, seemingly fallen asleep, she completely lacked the aura of a dead person.

"Xiao Mo, do you really have a method to resurrect Hong Luan?" Yun Luofeng shifted her gaze to Xiao Mo and asked.

Xiao Mo was silent for a long time. "I'm not a hundred percent confident. Or should I say, I don't even have fifty percent confidence."

"Tell me the method. No matter how difficult it is, I won't give up!" Yun Luofeng's expression revealed determination.

Xiao Mo paused for a moment before speaking. "Do you remember what the Medical God Code said previously?"

"With the Medical God Code, treating the dead isn't impossible! If you had returned before Hong Luan stopped breathing, you could've cured her on the spot. Unfortunately, you returned too late…"

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