Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2044 - Method to Resurrect Hong Luan (2)

Chapter 2044: Method to Resurrect Hong Luan (2)

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The elder mockingly sneered, "Governor, I feel that there's no harm in drawing the line with Yun Luofeng. This girl stirs up trouble wherever she goes and now that she's attracted this trouble, it'll definitely be a burden to our South Province if we don't draw the line here."

"Furthermore…" he paused for a moment and continued, "the Seven Province Continent is very peaceful and the South Province is also the top-notch faction. If we don't provoke those monsters from the Spirit God Continent, who else could find trouble for us? As for requesting her help, it's even more impossible!"

The South Governor thoroughly relaxed and threw the news of Yun Luofeng's return to the back of his mind. At this very moment, this elder wasn't aware that the Seven Province Continent would indeed be confronted with a heaven-shaking crisis in the future…

Those friends who helped Yun Luofeng would survive under her protection, and as for those who did nothing to help the Yun Family… they weren't able to arouse her slightest sympathy regardless of how they knelt down and begged.

You weren't at fault for only being interested in saving yourself and watching with folded arms towards the Yun Family. Who wouldn't care about their own lives? And how many would be willing to throw away their lives for someone unrelated?

Therefore, Yun Luofeng would not find trouble for the South Province for this. However, at the same time, don't even think of requesting her help in the future.

You can choose to pay no heed and she can do the very same!

Simply speaking, this was an eye for an eye!

Other than the South Province, some other middle-ranked factions were cowering, afraid that Yun Luofeng's fury would involve them…

Just when everyone assumed that Yun Luofeng would cause a blood storm upon returning, the entire Seven Province Continent was unusually silent which was out of their expectations. It was as if nothing had ever happened…

Seeing that Yun Luofeng hadn't taken any actions, the South Governor finally relaxed. It seemed like she was also afraid of the Spirit God Continent and so, didn't dare to take revenge. In this case, he presumed that she wouldn't make things difficult for the South Province at this critical juncture.

Upon knowing this, it had been a long time since the South Province Governor was so relaxed and he continued doing whatever he was doing before Yun Luofeng had returned. At the same time, he no longer paid attention to Yun Luofeng…

Currently within the Saintly Virgin Tribe.

Hearing that the people from the Witchcraft Clan and Central Province arrived, she went out to welcome them.

Naturally, Huang Yingying was leading the Witchcraft Clan and the lead for Central Province would be the previous Governor, Mu Dong, which was also Jun Lingtian's old friend.

"You're here?" Seeing these people, Yun Lufoeng's expression became gentler as she asked.

"My Lord," Huang Yingying apologetically glanced at Yun Luofeng, "I came late."

Mu Dong stayed silent but he was continuously sighing with a helpless expression.

"Even if you came earlier, you wouldn't be of much help. Instead, it would add on to unnecessary casualties." Yun Luofeng slightly quirked her brow as her tone was of indifference.

Huang Yingying bitterly smiled. She was doing her utmost in cultivating and was very near to reaching god-level. Even so, she had still yet to break through to god-level.

"Actually, no one dared to utter a single word when I brought the Witchcraft Clan here." Huang Yingying's eyes were very bright as her appearance looked graceful. "However, senior Mu Dong's action was opposed by those people from the Central Province, but he overrode the objections and came."

Mu Dong smiled. "In any case, I've been longtime friends with old man Jun, so how could I look on without helping? As for the others, there's no need to care about them! Even though I'm no longer the governor, I still call the shots there!"

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