Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2043 - Method to Resurrect Hong Luan (1)

Chapter 2043: Method to Resurrect Hong Luan (1)

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The Saintly Virgin Tribe's previous actions had indeed incurred Yun Luofeng dissatisfaction. However, they had assisted the Yun Family with no second thoughts, causing her to eliminate any existing ill-feelings towards them. Even if they helped on Lin Ruobai's account.

The Phoenix and Dragon Tribe were Yun Xiao's slave and only they were able to locate Yun Xiao. As such, both of them had collaborated to open the path towards the Fengyun Continent. Unfortunately, Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao had left before they managed to find them.

Hearing Jun Lingtian's words, Yun Lufoeng's eyes dimmed as her expression was filled with a stern killing aura. Sensing the weird atmosphere, he was momentarily stunned. "Why, what happened?"

At this very moment, the room's atmosphere was one of grieving. Old man Yun glanced at Jun Lingtian and slowly said. "Hong Luan… is dead!"

Hong Luan is dead?

Jun Lingitan coughed and his complexion turned flushed red, scaring Jun Ling'er as she hastily went to his side to ease his qi and blood.

"Are you speaking of the truth? Miss Hong Luan, she's…"

Jun Lingtian was somewhat unwilling to believe that Hong Luan was dead!

In reality, he wasn't familiar with Hong Luan and only met her a few times. However, Hong Luan had died to protect Feng'er and her family, so how could he not lament over such a sincere friendship between them?

"Thanks for your help during this time. I'll treat your injuries first and I'll settle the debts with the Spirit God Continent shortly!" Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes as a cold glint streaked across.

Even though Qin Luo died in her hands, she was only an outside disciple of the Qin Family. Yun Luofeng didn't believe they would muster large forces to the Seven Province Continent for Qin Luo and even dispatched a heavenly-god expert! Therefore… there must be another reason she was unaware of!

Yun Luofeng constantly sensed a huge conspiracy enveloping around her. However, this conspiracy did not cause her to be timid but instead, ignited her raging fighting spirit…

The Seven Province Continent was in a state of shock due to Yun Luofeng's return.

Hearing his subordinate's report, the South Province's Governor immediately stood up as his expression was unsightly. "Yun Luofeng has returned? Didn't she leave the Seven Province Continent? Why did she return so soon?"

Upon recalling Yun Luofeng's methods, it caused the South Province's Governor to feel scared. After all, when the Yun Family needed help, he chose to turn a blind eye and even chased away those from the East Province who came to request for help.

If Yun Luofeng heard of his actions, then…

The more he thought, the more anxious he was, as his expression was filled with worry. Unfortunately, he had overthought things, Even though he chose to watch with folded arms, Yun Luofeng would not find trouble for him due to this, because everyone had the prerogative to act in their own self interest.

Of course, when the South Province encountered any crisis in the future, she would also turn a blind eye to them!

"Governor, there's no need to be worried," The elder was silent for a moment and said. "Yun Luofeng offended people from the Spirit God Continent and any single expert from there can eliminate her. Now that she's powerless to protect herself, why would she find trouble for us?"

Hearing his words, the South Governor gradually relaxed, but his brows were still furrowed. His tone was of helplessness. "I don't know if my initial decision was correct or not! I've never been in contact with Yun Luofeng before but I know of her personality. Now that we watched with folded arms when the Yun Family was confronted with a crisis, she'll certainly ignore the South Province if we require her help in the future."


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