Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2042 - Wrath (6)

Chapter 2042: Wrath (6)

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“I don’t need anyone’s protection. Get lost and scram to the East Governor Estate!” Jun Lingtian stood up in haste and his qi and blood were somewhat unstable, causing him to cough out blood. As a result, his pale face became increasingly white.

“If something happened to the Yun Family, how can I answer to Feng’er? Tell me, how am I supposed to face her in the future?”

Sorrow could be seen across Jun Lingtian’s face as he weakly leaned against the bed, with tears flowing down from his aged face.

“Grandfather, Father,” Jun Ling’er suddenly stood up and said, “I’ll head to the East Governor Estate and look at the current situation. If worst comes to worst, I’ll fetch Grandfather Yun and the rest over.”

After speaking, she turned and prepared to leave the room. Jun Xuan hastily stood up. “Ling’er, stop there!”

“Father, don’t make grandfather angry anymore. Furthermore, grandfather is worried about the Yun Family, and by going there to take a look, at least it’ll make him be at ease, wouldn’t it?” Jun Ling’er quick-wittedly answered.

Jun Xuan sighed. “It’ll be better for me to make a trip there instead. Ling’er, stay and accompany your grandfather. I’ll return soon.”

He was also worried about the Yun Family. If the East Governor Estate was incapable of protecting them, so what if they brought them back? At least, he could protect the Yun Family.

Just as Jun Xuan wanted to walk out, Lin Ruobai dashed into the room while feeling excited. “Grandfather Jun, my Master has returned! My Master has returned…”

Xiao Bai’s Master? Wasn’t her Master…

Jun Xuan was distracted for a moment before joy flooded across his face. Even old man Jun who was in an extremely weak state had sat up and looked out the door.

Outside the room, Yun Luofeng and those with her were currently walking over and seeing her appearance, old man Jun finally relaxed after worrying for so long.

She’s back! She’s finally returned!

As long as she returned, all problems would be easily solved. After all, in Jun Lingtian’s heart, Yun Luofeng was not only a genius but also an omnipotent god.

“Sister Yun!” Jun Ling’er was filled with joy as she walked to Yun Luofeng’s side. “It’s great that you’ve returned. Many things happened in the Seven Province Continent these few days.”

Facing everyone’s happy faces, Yun Luofeng lightly nodded. “I know everything. I came here to treat old man Jun and the other Saintly Virgin Tribe members. As for the grudge with the Qin Family, I’ll settle the debts with them shortly!”

Old man Jun looked over to Yun Family members standing by Yun Luofeng’s side and relaxed. “It seems like the crisis has been resolved. We have to thank those from the East Governor Estate and especially Miss Hong Luan! She wholeheartedly helped the Yun Family this time.”

Other than the South Province, there were some other factions that stood by and watched when a crisis struck the Yun Family. Therefore, Hong Luan originally intended to gather everyone and even if they were incapable of dealing with the Qin Family, they could at least stall for time. Who would have thought that after finding out the Qin Family’s strength, they all immediately escaped?

Although the West Province Academy wasn’t capable of helping, the elders had dispatched some experts. Unfortunately, there were already countless casualties during the fight in the Jun Family.

Yun Luofeng was Huang Yingying’s benefactor and naturally, the Witchcraft Clan had stood on Yun Luofeng’s side. The Central Province’s previous Governor was on great terms with Jun Lingtian and he also personally brought men over. However, as the distance between Central Province and Spirit Province was too far, they did not manage to make it on time.

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