Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2041 - Wrath (5)

Chapter 2041: Wrath (5)

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Yun Luofeng was aware of the situation of the Seven Province Academy.

The first opening of the spatial wormhole relied on Ji Jiutian's sole abilities but a few elders secretly learned the method.

The second opening required a few elders to collaborate to open the path towards the Fengyun Continent. However, upon activating the spatial wormhole, it exhausted a huge portion of their strength and even though Yun Luofeng had left behind a large amount of spirit medicine, it was impossible to recover so soon…

"I understand," Yun Luofeng turned and glanced at the East Province Governor. "This time, you've helped us with a huge favor and Hong Luan… even sacrificed herself."

Upon mentioning Hong Luan's death, Yun Luofeng couldn't help but tremble. "Therefore, I will never forget your favor in my entire life!"

"Other than the South Province, everyone else has done a favor for our Yun Family! I've always been someone who repaid my debt of gratitude and revenge! Since the South Province remained indifferent, then I will not take notice of whatever happens to them in the future!"

After speaking, she weakly leaned against Yun Xiao's chest and closed her eyes, to conceal the sorrow within.

"Yun Xiao, bring me to the Saintly Virgin Tribe. I have to treat old man Jun's injuries."

Right now, her body was completely powerless and even standing proved to be difficult. No matter what powerful opponent she encountered in the past, she had never been so weak like today…

Killing intent surged forth from Yun Xiao as he tightly hugged the woman leaning on his chest. Of course, his fury wasn't because of Hong Luan's death but instead, those people from the Qin Family caused Yun Luofeng to cry!

Those who cause her to cry can only use their lives to compensate!

"Miss Yun," Seeing Yun Luofeng about to leave, Hong Ling stood up, "Is there any way to resurrect Hong Luan? As long as she can continue living, I'm willing to use my life in exchange for hers!"

Yun Luofeng's footsteps paused but ultimately left without turning back. She did not provide Hong Ling a definite answer. She was also uncertain whether Hong Luan could be resurrected.

Saintly Virgin Tribe.

Jun Lingtian laid on the bed with his eyes closed while Jun Ling'er and Jun Xuan quietly accompanied by his side.

"Xuan'er," Jun Lingtian's breathing was very feeble and his voice faint. "My body is fine, bring me to the East Province. I… I'm still worried about the Yun Family. Otherwise, head over and fetch the Yun Family here."

"Master, you can't even lift yourself up so how can you possibly help the Yun Family?" Jun Xuan helplessly sighed.

"As long as I'm still breathing, I can help them!"

Jun Xuan stared at him as he realized that his Master's feeble voice lacked the authoritative aura of the past.

"Your own body is riddled with problems so stop acting strong." Jun Xuan's eyes were filled with worry.

"Fine, even if I'm of no help, then why are you two staying here for? Why aren't you there to protect them!" The old man's breathing became hurried. If something happened to the Yun Family, how was he supposed to account to Yun Luofeng?

"I've already discussed this with Hong Luan. I'll be staying here to watch over you and the other injured men and she'll protect the Yun Family! Furthermore, Hong Luan has broken through to god-level cultivation and we should believe in her abilities."

Although he said that, there was still unconcealable worry within Jun Xuan's eyes. He started doubting if it was a correct choice to let Hong Luan bring away the Yun Family…


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