Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2040 - Wrath (4)

Chapter 2040: Wrath (4)

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“Right now, since your death was caused by the Qin Family, then I’ll flatten the entire Spirit God Continent and use their blood to nourish your soul!”

At that very moment, her white robes fluttered without wind as she radiated a killing aura, causing the bystanders to feel as if trapped in hell.

It had been a while since Bai Ling returned to Yun Luofeng’s side, but in her heart, Yun Luofeng had always been calm and collected no matter what she experienced. Never once had she witnessed her acting violent and right now, she finally understood how terrifying her daughter was when she got angry.

It was just like her surroundings had become hell and corpses were stacked up under her feet.

“Besides that, I’ll be taking away Hong Luan’s corpse.” Yun Luofeng wasn’t negotiating with them but instead, made a forceful decision, not even giving them a chance to reject.

However, not only wasn’t Hong Ling angry, his eyes brightened upon hearing her words. He did not inquire for the reason and merely nodded. “Alright, you can take her away.”

Why did Yun Luofeng bring away Hong Luan’s corpse? Could it be, she has a method to revive her?

Since she didn’t explain her actions, it meant that Hong Luan’s chance of resurrection wasn’t high. However, he would not give up as long as there was a glimmer of hope!

Yun Luofeng did not say anything and waved her hand. In that instant, the corpse laying on the bed had disappeared.

In the face of this situation, she no longer concealed her abilities. Clearly, her actions completely frightened everyone present.

“Old man, Mother, Uncle, let’s leave. I have something else to do.”

“Alright.” Old man Yun glanced at Yun Luofeng and gently sighed.

Hong Luan’s death dealt a huge blow to his own granddaughter and even so, she couldn’t become despondent and had to prepare everything to avenge Hong Luan!

“Yun Yi,” Yun Luofeng ordered, “Head to the Fengyun Continent and pass on some words to Qi Su and Qi Ling. Have them bring over all the experts in the Fengyun Continent!”

“Feng’er, what are you thinking of doing?” Finally, old man Yun couldn’t suppress his curiosity and asked.

A grim smile quirked on her face. “Of course… it’s to go to war with the Qin Family!”

Since they delusionally wanted to deal with the Yun Family and even caused Hong Luan’s death, then she could only bury them next to Hong Luan!

If she didn’t exterminate the entire Qin Family, how could she account to Hong Luan?

Yun Yi answered apathetically, “Yes, master.”

To travel to the Fengyun Continent via the West Province Academy would normally require numerous experts working together to accomplish the feat. However, the elders who previously activated the space were still currently recuperating.

Fortunately, there was another path to the Fengyun Continent, and before she left she had specially arranged for someone to provide support on the other side.

With both sides connected, they could open the spatial gate using the simplest method.

“Feng’er, I doubt we can head to the Jun Family right now,” Old man Yun sighed. “I heard from the Governor that old man Jun is seriously injured and is currently recuperating in the Saintly Virgin Tribe. Both the dragon and phoenix tribe have left to seek for you, while experts of the Witchcraft Clan along with the Central Province people are all on their way. However, they hadn’t managed to arrive due to the long journey.

“Those few elders of the Western Province Academy were previously seriously injured and have yet to recover. As for the South Province’s Governor, they rejected the Governor’s request for assistance and chased them out…”


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