Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2038 - : Wrath (2)

Chapter 2038: Wrath (2)

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After speaking, Nangong Yunyi walked out as his elegant form disappeared from the courtyard…

Hong Luan, wait for me… After I've avenged you, I'll accompany you even to the ends of the earth, heaven or hell and forever and ever!

Hong Ling opened his mouth but ultimately didn't ask Nangong Yunyi to stay. Once again, he turned and looked at Hong Luan's serene appearance while gently grabbing her ice-cold hands.

"Luan'er, Nangong Yunyi is a good kid. Regrettably, the both of you are not fated."

"I wonder if you could locate your mother in the underworld. If fated, both of you will meet… But then, how could you be so heartless to leave me here alone in this world?"

"Nonetheless, I won't blame you. You kept your promise and I am proud of you…"

Hong Luan wasn't able to hear Hong Ling as her appearance looked serene, without pain nor suffering as she quietly laid on the bed, seemingly fallen asleep. Others wouldn't be able to notice that she had lost her life…

Within the East Province.

Perhaps sensing the odd atmosphere, Yun Luofeng stopped and frowned. "Yun Xiao, do you sense anything amiss?"

Standing on one side, Yun Xiao was still expressionless and unfeeling. His black long robes fluttered among the light breeze and attracted no lack of women's attention.

"Not sure." Ever since entering the East Province, she noticed that it wasn't as bustling with activity as before. Instead, it was too quiet…

Not knowing why, Yun Luofeng felt unease. Looking up towards the East Governor's Estate, she said. "Yun Xiao, Mother, let's head towards the Governor's Estate and take a look."

After leaving the Fengyun Continent, where she arrived was outside the East Province. Therefore, if she wanted to know what happened, the fastest way was to find Hong Luan…

Thinking of this, Yun Luofeng quickened her footsteps and hastily rushed towards the East Governor Estate.

The Governor Estate was decorated with white silk and everyone who entered and exited had a sad expression.

Instantly, Yun Luofeng's heart clenched tight. Could it be that someone passed away in the East Governor's Estate?

"Second Uncle! Suddenly, Yun Luofeng saw a familiar figure and hastily called out.

Hearing her voice, Yun Qingya's body stiffened and turned his head with disbelief. In that instant, the lady's gorgeous appearance reflected in his clear eyes.

"Feng'er, you… you've returned?" Yun Qingya's lips quivered. However, upon recalling Hong Luan's death, guilt and sorrow overshadowed his happiness.

But in the next instant, his face froze…

"Sister-in-law?" His eyes stared unwaveringly at Bai Ling standing beside Yun Luofeng. Astonishment could be seen across his handsome face. "Feng'er, who is this lady here? Why is she so similar looking to Sister-in-law?"

"Second brother." Bai Ling glanced at Yun Qingya's expression and faintly smiled. "Why aren't you happy that I've returned?"

The woman's voice was very familiar, to the extent of causing Yun Qingya to freeze up, while tears gradually surface from his eyes.

"You're really Sister-in-law? You're not dead?"

Sister-in-law is still alive! She's actually still alive…

Yun Qingya was conflicted about his current emotions. If it weren't for Hong Luan's death, perhaps he would be jumping from excitement. Unfortunately, Hong Luan's death caused him to be extremely sad and unable to feel happy.


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