Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2037 - Wrath (1)

Chapter 2037: Wrath (1)

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Hong Ling closed his eyes, with pain and suffering across his face. Slowly opening his eyes after a long time, his eyes that contained sorrow glanced at Hong Luan. He slowly walked to her side and knelt down, while gently caressing her pale face.

"This isn't your fault! It's the fault of the Qin Family, these people who are devoid of conscience!"

No matter how grieved he was, Hong Ling's mind was still clear. He knew that it wasn't the Yun Family's fault.

"Luan'er, don't be afraid. Your father won't let you be too lonely." Hong Ling carried Hong Luan's body and unhurriedly walked to the East Governor Estate with difficult steps. His footsteps were very steady, but his body seemed as if he was about to fall at any time.

"Governor!" The East Governor Estate's elders were all afraid, afraid that Hong Ling would take things too hard.

Hearing the voices behind him, Hong Ling stopped. Lowering his eyes, he gazed at the woman quietly lying in his embrace. He restrained his internal sorrows and said, "I only wish to quietly accompany her for a moment. Rest assured, I won't take things too far."

After speaking, Hong Luan gradually disappeared from their view.

At the same time, Nangong Yunyi transformed his sorrows to strength and fought with the man before him without caring for his life!

Under Nangong Yunyi's relentless attacks, he ultimately yielded as Nangong Yunyi's fist landed on his chest. Instantly, he was sent crashing from the skies and heavily slammed on the ground.

On the ground, a huge pit was formed due to the force of his crash.

However… Nangong Yunyi did not stop. Waving his fists, a powerful force suddenly attacked and struck the man within the huge pit.

Blood poured out continuously from his mouth and even his skin had burst apart. Lying within the huge pit, he couldn't even lift a single finger as he was only capable of using his gloomy eyes to stare at Nangong Yunyi.

"I am the Qin Family's…" Regrettably, before he managed to finish his sentence, he had been interrupted by Nangong Yunyi's attack.

Even Nangong Yunyi wasn't aware how many times he attacked him… His mind was filled with the scene of Hong Luan toppling over!

He attacked until he was out of energy and the man in the pit had also ceased breathing. Afterward, Nangong Yunyi staggered and nearly crashed down, but he ultimately propped up his battered and exhausted body.

"Hong Luan…" Nangong Yunyi no longer paid attention to those corpses that littered the ground as he dashed towards the Governor Estate's rear garden in a stagger.

Upon looking at Hong Luan laid on the bed by Hong Ling, tears flowed out like a broken dam as his fists heavily smashed against the ground.

"If I had arrived earlier, Hong Luan wouldn't have… wouldn't have left!"

At this very moment, Nangong Yunyi pushed all the responsibility on himself, thinking that it was due to his late arrival that caused Hong Luan's death! He slowly stood up from the ground and tightly clenched his fist. With a turn, he walked out of the room.

"Where are you going?" Hong Lin who was submerged in sorrow saw Nangong Yunyi's actions and unconsciously asked.

Nangong Yunyi footsteps stopped. "Taking revenge for her!"

"Even if you killed that heavenly-god expert today, you're not the Qin Family's opponent. You'll only be seeking death by looking for them."

His daughter was dead and he wasn't willing for anyone else to sacrifice themselves.

Nangong Yunyi's previous gentle demeanor disappeared as was replaced by eyes filled with hatred and killing intent. "If I lack strength, then I'll fight with my life! I won't let Hong Luan die in vain! I will let every single one of them involved in this pay the price!"

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