Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2036 - Rather Die Than Retreat (6)

Chapter 2036: Rather Die Than Retreat (6)

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Regrettably… Hong Luan bitterly smiled. “I’m sorry, I can no longer hang on. I assumed that I could defeat them by using this secret technique, but unfortunately, I underestimated them.”

“Since you’ve returned, then I’ll hand the responsibility of protecting the Yun Family to you…”

There was still a smile on Hong Luan’s face but her breathing gradually weakened, to the point… her breathing ceased as she laid in Nangong Yunyi’s embrace…

“No!” Nangong Yunyi tightly hugged Hong Luan and released a heart-wrenching cry. Hong Ling and the others were also dumbfounded as they stared blankly at Hong Luan…

“Governor!” Not knowing who released a cry of surprise, everyone discovered that Hong Ling fainted upon looking over. Immediately after, two elders went up to support him.

“Brother Yun…” Ning Xin’s eyes were filled with grief, “We implicated Miss Hong Luan. Everything is all our fault…”

If they were sufficiently strong, wouldn’t today’s events have been avoided?

If they hadn’t followed Hong Luan to the East Province, Hong Luan wouldn’t have sacrificed herself… Therefore, everything was all their fault. It was them who had harmed Hong Luan…

Nangong Yunyi tightly held Hong Luan and stood up. His eyes were bloodshot as he gazed at the gloomy man while radiating killing aura.

“You caused the death of Hong Luan! Those who harm her should die!”

While speaking, Nangong Yunyi was trembling. At this very moment, there was only a single thought in his mind, to kill these people and avenge Hong Luan!

The man sneered, “Both you and that girl are only god-level cultivators! With your strength, do you think you’re capable of threatening me?”

Nangong Yunyi stayed silent as he slowly released Hong Luan from his embrace. While looking down, his eyes were filled with gentleness.

“Wait for me, after killing these people I’ll go to the other end of the world with you and be with you forever.”

The way they met wasn’t desirable and he was even miserably chased down by her as he had peeped on her while she bathed. However, within the process of getting chased down, he had fallen deeply for her.

After placing her down, a sharp longsword appeared in his hand. With his figure similar to wind, he had dashed to his front…

The man hastily took out his weapon and a powerful force spread out from their collision, causing the entire sky to appear dark.

Between both of them, one was a heavenly-god level cultivator while the other was only a god-level cultivator.

However… Hong Luan’s flames had resulted in an internal injury and when he faced the aggressive Nangong Yunyi, he actually had difficulty defending against his attacks. Of course, if it weren’t for this, it was impossible for Nangong Yunyi to prevail over this man! As for the other god-level experts of the Qin Family…

They had been burnt to ashes within Hong Luan’s flames earlier on.

Under the elder’s shout, Hong Ling slowly awakened. Looking towards Hong Luan, his eyes were filled with sorrow and despair. In his entire life, he only had this daughter and he even gave her all his care and concern.

Now that he witnessed his child dying before himself, how could he bear the setback?

Old man Yun walked to Hong Ling and took a deep bow. His aged face was filled with guilt.

“Governor Hong Ling, everything that happened is because of our Yun Family. Hong Luan had also sacrificed for us and it’s the Yun Family who let you down…”


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